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Easy and Cute Doll Pattern


I’m sorry that posting has been so sparse lately. We are moving to New York City tomorrow, so things have been crazy with packing and cleaning. I promise to make up for it starting next week.

In the chaos of packing up this week, I managed to squeeze in a fun and easy sewing and craft project (you know, a little outlet from all the stress of moving).

I pumped out five of these sweet little dolls in just a few days worth of nap times. Really, they are super easy and make really fun gifts for the kiddos. I made one for my niece’s 1st birthday (not shown), one for Grace, Claire and for our wonderful friends/best neighbors ever kid’s, Noah (4), who loves the green Power Ranger (with his detachable velcro dagger) and Presley (2).They’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s the fun of homemade, right?

Thanks to their wonderful and talented photographer mom, Terese, for doing a fun mini photo shoot of the dolls when I gave them to the kids today. Seriously, you should check out her incredible work here. She did our family pictures this year (and probably will continue to forever! She’s great.).
I basically used the crafting blog Black Apple’s pattern as shown on the Martha Stewart show and website, but changed up some of the look, inspired by the adorable dolls on the craft blog Wee Wonderfuls.

These are an easy and fun project if you have a sewing machine, a few scraps of mix-matched fabrics (really, just scraps) and an afternoon to spare. Guaranteed positive response from the little ones!

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8 thoughts on “Easy and Cute Doll Pattern

  1. so so cute Jen
    1 I’ve been working on a random vintage looking stuffed animal for Ivy too. I just am waiting for our stuff to arrive so I can finish! Didn’t realize you were off to New York already! How fun- can’t wait to see and hear about all the fun things you are doing and finding!

  2. I just love these dolls! I’ve tried to make them many times but they just don’t seem to look right. Could you mabey post a pattern or something to follow along with? Thanks!

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