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Venetian Blinds – Design 101


I had a total ‘blonde moment’ in Venice.

I kept seeing all these beautiful blinds everywhere on all the windows of the canal-side villas.

I snapped photo after photo of these lovelies and then caught myself as I wondered out loud to my husband,

“I’m crazy about all these blinds that I’m seeing everywhere. I guess they really like Venetian blinds here…in…VENICE!! Venetian Blinds! Venice! Oh man, I’m stupid.”

Embarrassing story aside, I really do love these blinds and all the different ways they can be trimmed out.

I’ve had these fabric blinds from Target up in my house for almost two years now. Shades are a great alternative to curtains, especially in small homes like mine, where floor space and furniture arrangement is limited. In the past, I’ve added various trims to the shades with my trusty hot glue gun, but nothing has looked like I wanted it to. I came home from Europe, determined to turn my blinds into something that would make the Venetians proud.

With a little white grosgrain and some hot glue, it’s easy to turn stock fabric blinds into something special. I like the way the white is very subtle against the ivory shade. I didn’t want anything too showy and I think this color combo does the trick.

And as a great bonus, every time the late afternoon sunshine sifts through my pretty blinds I can hear the gondoliers singing and can smell the fruta del mar.

What did you think?
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7 thoughts on “Venetian Blinds – Design 101

  1. Jennica, I love the blinds. But I freaking LOVE your wall color. And those bookshelves – the color combo in that room is amazing! Hmm. Maybe my bedroom needs a paint job – what color is that? And shh – don’t tell Clarke, he’d kill me. I cannot mention the p* word around here for a while! Oh, I wish I was there, we could read through back episodes of domino and watch Top Design.
    love, Anna

  2. The blinds are pretty, but an entire blog about them? i woodve made a blog about the trip their, and mention the blinds. i dont wanna sound mean though.

  3. Thanks, Anna. I wish you were here too. Who are you rooting for on TD? And have you seen Eddie Ross’ blog? It’s right up our alley. Google him.

    And sorry to disappoint, zuzupuppy! This blog is mostly about home decor and other things that are fun for me. If you are interested in hearing and seeing more about my family’s trip to Europe, you are welcome to check out my other blog. I hope you still stop by here though!


  4. I really like Eddie and Andrea. I HATE Wisit – for so many reasons. And I really don’t like that other guy that has a crush on Wisit, I cannot remember his name.

    Who is zuzupuppy? I love a whole post on blinds :)

  5. I love what you did with the blinds too! And I don’t know that even the Venetians would have them trimmed out on the inside. Ditto on the wall color – what a great hue; is it my imagination or did that wall used to be yellow? (I’m guessing you didn’t care for the garage-door style metal covers for most of the windows in Florence – I cannot remember whether that was on your itinerary.)

  6. I just added some cotton ribbon to my curtain panels from JCPenney, but I love the way you did the corners- I want to re-do mine now. love them!

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