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Megan’s IKEA Transformation


I love this email that reader Megan sent to me. I totally love what she did and I’m dying to try it! Thanks for sharing, Megan!!


Hi Jenny,

I absolutely love your blog, it’s great! I just found you yesterday after linking to you from Project Nursery. I loved your IKEA table idea, I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing and I was glad to know I wasn’t crazy for even thinking of it. I was considering using wallpaper to get the crocodile affect, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen crocodile wallpaper anyway. In fact I did a similar project recently that I wanted to share with you after I saw your IKEA table post.

We got a new TV that we’re going to mount on the wall and I was looking for storage for underneath it, I found this chest of drawers that I loved, but it was way too much for us…

inspirationdresser by you.
So instead I used IKEA Hemnes dressers and created a similar look using wallpaper to cover the fronts of the drawers….

IMG_7538 by you.

I use this one to store our 2 year old’s toys.
IMG_7540 by you.

Anyway, thanks for the great reads and ideas. I’m sure I’ll be writing you soon to see if you can help me figure out my breakfast nook ;)



P.S. Megan mentioned to me in a later email that she bought the short dresser on ebay and was able to reuse knobs from old furniture and saved a lot of cash. I’ve seen lots of Hemnes dressers on Craig’s List too, so check there first if you’re interested (like me) in copying Megan’s look.

What did you think?
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2 thoughts on “Megan’s IKEA Transformation

  1. Megan’s dressers look fantastic! Must be a trend somehow..I just returned from my mother-in-law’s, and she had used scrapbook paper she found for mere pennies to reface a chest of drawers in her guest room. Very cute!

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