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Wallpaper on eBay


I really love the look of wallpaper. It can be SO expensive though!

If you have a small wall or room to paper (like a foyer or a powder room or maybe the wall in your master bedroom that your bed is against), check eBay for some incredibly good prices. Here are a few of my favorites available now on the bay:

Vintage trellis

Red and white

Big medallion

Great black and white with birds

Big graphic floral

Gray Art Nouveau

Fun green trellis

Blue flowers

Black and white

Gray floral

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2 thoughts on “Wallpaper on eBay

  1. I realize this post was from a long time ago but I just love the red and white patter and the vintage trellis. I'm looking for beautiful wall paper for my daughter's vanity in her room. It's just a small area and I'd love to give it a punch of pretty vintage fun. I love what anthropologie has. But have never thought to look on ebay. When I started looking on ebay it just seems overwhelming, have to cull through a ton of ugly to find a pretty or unique one. Do you have a trick on how to hone my search while shopping ebay? Thanks for your help and constant inspiration!!! I love visiting your blog:)

    Feel free to email me, thanks!

    Jessi in North Florida

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