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Chinoiserie Wall Paper


Some of my all time favorite rooms have hand-painted wallpaper or wall treatments inspired by Chinoiserie paper. I feel like the look is really modern and completely traditional at the same time. Plus, who doesn’t like flowers and birds?

Here are some of the more traditional rooms

And here are some more modern takes on the Chinoiserie paper look.

The problem with hand painted Chinoiserie wallpaper is that it is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive, but there are some good ways to get the look for less.

There are a lot of wall papers (that are probably really toiles) but that have that same hand-painted look.

I found this wallpaper on eBay for really cheap. It is so beautiful.

And has some seriously great movement.

I think I would put it in a dining room, but I like the way the blue and white toile looks here in this Eddie Ross bedroom.

Another way to get a similar look for less is to buy the paper in a very small quantity and to frame the paper as art. You’ll get a look similar to these:

If you’re artistic, you could try free-hand painting a simple silhouette on one wall as an accent, like in this gorgeous room.

This room always reminds me of Van Gogh’s almond blossom painting.

Here’s another hand painted mural with a Chinoiserie theme, this one from designer Ruthie Sommer’s daughter’s nursery.

I think the most exciting idea of all would be to attempt the look using stencils. The 80’s are back, baby! And so are stencils! :) But it think I will avoid this type

and stick with this type, from the totally inspirational website Stencil Library,going for this look:

Couldn’t you just kill for this room? I need it all. And the orange is perfection.

What did you think?
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6 thoughts on “Chinoiserie Wall Paper

  1. oh, oh, oh! i love it all- whenever i tell someone that i want wallpaper in my house, they look at my like i’m crazy. (i think most of them still think of something similiar to that awful picture you X-ed out.)

    two questions: mustard yellow damask wallpaper. i want one wall full of it, where can i find it?
    mustard yellow rug, where can i find a modestly priced one?
    (and don’t worry the yellow is not all in the same room! it’s just my favorite color)

  2. Jenny! What is the proper way to give credit if you post something from someone elses blog? I love to share bits of your posts with my friends. But I was never taught how to credit properly!

  3. A friend of a friend recently completed building a home, and she went ALL OUT on the dining room. She used deGournay wallpaper with custom birds in it, and it took 14 months to be created. When she was describing it to me, she called it ‘old lady wallpaper’ – but maybe she was just ahead of the resurgence in interest in the style! She had to have a special wallpaper hanger come in from South Carolina to hang the paper. Personally: I would never spend my money this way, but she says she will be in this home forever!

    I like your budget alternatives.

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