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Never Met a Sunburst Mirror I Didn’t Like


I hope you all are ready for some serious eye candy. I scoured through my saved files for every room with a sunburst mirror. And, let me tell you, there were plenty to choose from. Have I told you that I really, really like sunburst mirrors?

When we lived in Europe over the summer, I started noticing sunburst mirrors everywhere. They were all over the Paris fleas and I decided that I really wanted one. I ended up buying two at a Brussels flea market for a great price and I wish I would have bought more. The awesome thing about a sunburst mirrors is they can look great in just about every room!

I’ll show you…

Living rooms
(some of these mirrors are really bullseye mirrors, but I think they are all in the same family)

Loving this layered look…

(not a mirror, but isn’t this window GREAT!?)

Dining rooms



Even the bathroom!

I think my favorite room to use a sunburst mirror is the bedroom. There are so many great examples…

Are you sold yet? A sunburst mirror is like the ultimate accessory, whether in a traditional or modern room, with a cheap repro or an original vintage piece.

Most antique sunburst mirrors are budget-busters, but there are a few good places to get the look for less.

Since I apparently can’t do a post without linking to eBay auctions, I’ll get this one out of the way first! These are all on eBay now.

Cheesy pic, but cheap at $45

From Peru


Originally hung in a Disney world resort?
Here are the rest of the sunburst eBay auctions.

And from the retail side, Ballard has a $200 version, which isn’t that expensive. Plus Ballard offers 10% and 15% off sales all the time. This particular mirror is a great size at 31″. If you are willing to go for a smaller size though, I saw a very similar one at TJMaxx for less than $40.

I love the antiqued mirror edge on this Target version, also about $200.

This small sunburst is at Michael’s in the Christmas decor section right now and would look great above your bed. I think the full price is $50 or $60, but make sure you use your 40% off coupon.

What do you think of sunburst mirrors? Do you have one? Where do you hang it?

What did you think?
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7 thoughts on “Never Met a Sunburst Mirror I Didn’t Like

  1. I love sunburst mirrors too and we have one hanging above our bed. I love the contrast of the round sun with the sharp angular lines. Gorgeous.

  2. I would LOVE a sunburst mirror!! I feel like all the decor hanging on my wals are squares and rectangles. I need something to balance that — in every room!! I’m loving the sunburst with the smaller circles on the “bursts”. It was in the bedroom with the long orange pillow on the black and white bed. Need it.

  3. I too love Sunburst mirrors (or soleil mirrors as I call them :) ) You are right about them being EVERYWHERE around Europe…I want to collect them. :)

    ps – all of those rooms are incredible!

  4. I was just thinking of asking you for suggestions of what we should hang above our bed. I’m going to check out the local markets and shops and see what I can find. It’s funny, I’m with your friend Carolyn- that same sunburst mirror was my favorite too.

    am I going to see you in AZ in a couple weeks?

  5. hello! i just found your fun blog! i LOVE home decor and i gotta say i’ve been a strong supporter of the sunburst mirror for some time! so unique and beautiful! thanks for the post, it got my home decor wheels turning!

  6. Well Jenn
    I currently love grey. It goes fantastically with orange.
    I want a black room in my house one day and a black garden.
    What do you think of mid-century modern?

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