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Calico Corners + Craig's List = LOVE


Next time you’re doing an upholstery project, you might want to check out Calico Corners for fabric. Look what they were able to do with this old camelback sofa:

Before –

After –

Isn’t it amazing what modern prints can do to the look of a really traditional sofa? For this project they used a duraguarded cotton, silhouette in kiwi, at $24.99/yd.

Here are some other pieces of old furniture that would look really great with new upholstery using fabric from Calico Corners:

From San Francisco’s Craig’s List: a Pair of MCM side chairs.

I would paint the legs No. 2 pencil yellow and reupholster in this fabric, Aviary (available in some awesome colors) for $23.99/yd

Use both chairs to flank a console table in the entryway, sort of like in these two rooms:

From St. Loius’ Craig’s List: an adorable dressing table bench for $35

I would paint the wood tomato red and use this great cream and blue silk for the cushion. (Rabinal, $49.99/yd – you’d need less than a yard) and cover the tufting buttons in a contrasting red fabric…

Inspired by Zoey Deschannel’s apartment published in Domino.

From Dallas’ Craig’s List: A vintage chair for all you lucite lovers. $50.

I love this bright yellow print and I think it would look great with the lucite.

Della in Lemon

From Washington D.C.’s Craig’s List: An Antique Chippendale-style bench for $25. This would be SUCH an easy DIY project, with the drop in seat.

I would use Fretwork in Aqua for the seat fabric. I love the Greek Key pattern.

From Boston’s Craig’s List – a really cool retro steel office chair

The steely grays in this mod print would be the perfect complement to the metal on the chair.
Dahlia in Aegean, $20.99/yd

Also from Boston’s Craig’s List – a nice settee for $145.

I think my very favorite fabric at Calico is this large-scale floral. I couldn’t seem to choose between all the great colors though. So here they all are..
Stockholm for $23.99/yd.

From New York’s Craig’s List – a beautiful vintage sofa made by Hickory Chair for $300.

Chip Outdoor Mint for the body of the sofa (Hooray for kid-friendly outdoor fabric!)

For drapes in the same room – Fabriano in Cocktail $27.99/yd. Love all the great colors. Wouldn’t a bright red pagoda chandelier look awesome in this room?

This chevron print would also make a great accent fabric. Indra $34.99/yd

I hope you’re inspired to give new life to a piece of vintage or antique furniture. Craig’s list is so full of amazing finds, especially these days, when everyone is looking to off-load unused furniture. You know what they say – one man’s trash…

P.S. If you are interested in any of the Calico Corners fabrics, don’t forget to sign up for their $20 off coupon!

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  1. Oh I love the sofas!!! Wish I knew how to upholster!!! I have passed up so many wonderful deals because of the sad state of the pieces!!! What beautiful fabrics CC has!!! Thanks for sharing them with us, I have not been into a CC in years!!!

  2. I agree with Vintage Girl – I’ve seen great pieces here in Austin, but the idea of reupholstering something sends me into a panic attack – let’s just say that I’m a disaster at wrapping presents, so I don’t see how wrapping fabric around cushions would look much better – Jenny, if I were in town, I’d request a workshop from you!
    And I LOVE LOVE the lucite chair. I once passed up a $200 Starck Ghost chair repro in Provo and have regretted it ever since

  3. i am interested in reupholstering furniture, but I haven’t ever done it. Do you know of a site with instructions?


  4. O craigslist how I love thee…some of those would still look pretty cool un covered. What a fun post!

  5. Oh, I almost fell off of my chair in a fit of happiness at the sight of that sofa. Gorgeous!

    How can you stand teasing yourself looking at Craigslist listings in faraway cities? I drive myself crazy enough checking out the NH/ME/Boston listings :P

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  7. Apparently I'm late to the game here… but if you get this, I do have a question! First off, I love to do this same thing… but I haven't gotten TO Calico Corners yet. Do you know what the charge is for labor or do they just charge by the size of the piece?! Just wondering.

    I'm also going to try your ottoman redo! Love!

  8. Greetings-I've enjoyed watching the transformation of your NYC apartment. What a delightful space.
    I recently (just before Christmas) purchased a queen anne/camel back sofa off CL. I would be interested to see what fabric you would recommend for me. I really do love the fabric that came on it (can you believe it) but it is in need of some mending via construction of the legs. So might as well give it a full face lift at the same time.
    Please check it out and tell me what you think:
    There are several posts under this link…


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