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House Beautiful is probably my favorite shelter mag. This month’s cover featured a dining room decorated by Anne Selke (who is the design genius behind Pine Cone Hill bedding and Dash & Albert rugs).

The chairs are covered in a fabric designed by the decorator herself. The fabric is sold by Calico Corners.
Scramble in Slate, $28.99/yd

Have you checked out Calico Corners lately? I am so impressed with their selection!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Lock in Hot Pink $14.99/yd
(Hello, adorable girl’s room!!) Maybe for some chairs?

Maybe with a little of this for draperies? Key West $14.99/yd

And a little of this on the headboard, for some depth? Carlisle in Rose

And don’t forget a stripe – there should always be a stripe! Majorca Stripe ($20.99/yd) for pillows or a bench.

Speaking of stripes, remember this room with the railroaded-fabric drapes?

This Rumor fabric ($14.99/yd) would be a great substitute to achieve the same look.

For the reader interested in black and white prints, here’s another great one – Silhouette in Ebony, $24.99/yd

It would look great as a headboard or for lining your cabinets, like in this Domino photo.

Tomorrow morning’s post will be all about using Calico Corner’s fabrics to transform vintage furniture. See you then!

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