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Children’s Rooms Inspiration


LGN reader Erin wrote in asking me to share some of my favorite childrens’ rooms. She has a little boy and a little girl and will be decorating a room for each of them. She wants the rooms to feel grown up and sophisticated – not baby-like at all.

Well, Erin, there is a surprising shortage of boys rooms here. {that could be due to the fact that I have two girls} But I really like the ones that are included (especially Jenna Lyon’s black nursery for her son, Beckett). Also, some of the rooms below are probably not actually children’s rooms, but since Erin is looking for a more sophisticated style, I thought some of the ideas might still work.

As always, if any of you would like me to do a copy cat design/get the look for less post on one of these rooms, leave a comment or send me an email and I’d be happy to help.


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12 thoughts on “Children’s Rooms Inspiration

  1. Hi I love this post! Do you know where to get that blocky fabric that is shown in two of the rooms – first in black and white on a headboard and then in pale pink and white as a bedspread? I think I want it to reupholstered my bed with it.

  2. Jill – I’m so glad you’re liking the blog. I hope you come back often!!

    bbandcb – Don’t you just love all the big, blocky prints that are out there right now? So very David Hicks. Though, I think, if we’re looking at the same pictures, the pink bedspread is actually a pieced-together quilt and that the black and white is a print. I will look around for the source or for something comparable and post if I find anything good.


  3. You have a beautiful blog. I just came to you from Bliss.

    I love the photo in this post with the “Run Lola Run” poster in the young girl’s room! So cool. Great movie and interesting touch to her room.

  4. I'm trying to find out the name of a fabric in this post. It's the bold floral fabric on the bed canopy in one of the girls' rooms. Can you help me at all?

  5. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE IT!!!! This is the best compilation of kids rooms I've ever seen! So many I've never seen before. I'm having so much fun going through all your archives.
    Sally Wheat

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