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Copy Cat Designing: Nursery

Kids Room

Rachel from Minnesota wrote in asking for tips to recreate the look of this serene but still fun, gender-neutral nursery, originally published in Traditional Home magazine. I love the room, so I was happy to comply with her request!

A lot of the modern simplicity of this room comes from the white walls. Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is a lovely shade and would look great here.

The windows only need some simple roman shades in a nice white cotton. These from IKEA fit the bill just fine, or it would be easy to make a few shades with some gauzy white fabric.
I’ve done a little hunting on the web and I think the cribs in this room are made by a company called Bonavita (or at least this company makes very similar cribs). I am in love with the turned, spindle legs. It is a classic and very grown-up look for a crib. The model of these cribs (the ‘Amanda’) is no longer in production, but sometimes they turn up on Craig’s List.

I think another easy way to get a similar look is to just go with a Jenny Lind crib, a personal favorite. I helped Rachel buy a dark-stained one off Craig’s List (where there are Jenny Lind cribs in abundance) for $25. You can also buy Jenny Lind cribs new at Babies R Us.

To keep toys out of sight and off the floor, buy three or four baskets at Target or Michaels to slide under the crib. We use this idea at our house and it is a great space saver. I think these canvas bins would look great in the room, up against the dark wood of the crib and the great texture of the rug. Don’t forget to take advantage of the label holders here… “Books” “Trucks” “Blocks”
Though it’s unclear what the bedding in this inspiration room is, I’m certain it’s something simple and beautiful. I have had a crush on this PBK bedding for a year or two now. It is quilted perfection.

Rachel can save a few bucks by being patient and searching for pieces of the set on eBay. Right now, there is a brand new bumper listed for less than half the retail price.

For a shot of color in the crib bedding, I like this blue ikat pillow from Fabracadabra.

It looks like the rug in the inspiration room is a natural fiber (probably a sisal or a bound cotton flatweave). I love these from Overstock for less than $130. The 8’x8′ size is perfect for a small nursery and I really like the khaki-colored cotton twill binding. There is even a rubber backing, eliminating the need for a rug pad.

For clothing storage, I love these dressers for $25 on Craig’s List. Such a unique shape with a mid-century vibe. And Rachel wouldn’t have to do a thing to these. The color is perfect for her room.

And these red ginger jar lamps for on top.

Rachel should look for a vintage or antique chair in a dark stain similar to her new crib. These chairs are everywhere at antique markets and on Craig’s List. I love this one from eBay.

I also spy a little blue child’s desk in the inspiration photo. This one is only $10 on Craig’s List and is so cool and industrial. Love it. To make it safe for the kiddies, give the desk a good wipe down and seal it with a matte varnish.

I know it’s boring of me to suggest this over and over, but I use framed pages from children’s books in every nursery that I’ve ever decorated. It is such an adorable and cheap way to fill up the walls. Rachel mentioned that her son loves trains. How cute would it be to frame up pages from “The Little Engine that Could” book? Adorable and inspirational…

I always suggest IKEA’s Ribba frames too, because they look great in almost every room. They are simply designed, letting the artwork shine and they look more expensive than they actually are. To step it up a notch, paint the frames red.
I think the alphabet border running along the top of the room is what makes the space pop. There are a number of ways to recreate this look. I think the easiest idea is to buy 26 pieces of different patterns of 12×12 scrapbook paper. You can always find scrapbooking paper on sale at Michael’s or JoAnns. Even when it’s not on sale though, it usually only runs for about $1 a sheet, so this project is a lot of bang for your buck. Look for fun patterns that don’t really match, but that look good next to eachother.

When you’re ready to start, organize the papers in a way that looks good to you. Then simply free-hand all the letters lightly with a pencil, trying your best to fill up the sheet of paper top to bottom, so that all the letters are a uniform size. Cut everything out and use some tacky putty to easily display the letters on your walls without making a million holes.

Don’t forget to fill this gorgeous room with beautiful wooden toys. Some of my favorite sources for quality toys are Babystyle and Anthropologie. Sometimes you can find some really good deals.

And that’s it for copying this room. Simplicity is where it’s at!

Good luck, Rachel!!

Want some design advice? Have a favorite designer look that you want to recreate on a budget? Email me at jkomenda {at} gmail {dot} com for rates.

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5 thoughts on “Copy Cat Designing: Nursery

  1. I love the colors. What a sophisticated palette for a nursery!

    Are you available for me to hire you for my master bedroom? I’ll email you later today. There’s a room from an old House Beautiful (??) that I want to sort of copy.

  2. Jenny,

    I just stopped over from Desire to Inspire and so far I’m loving your blog. Very thorough and helpful advice. I am bookmarking Little Green!

    The Estate of Things

  3. Your blog is amazing. I stumbled across it from a random link trail but yours is the one I'll bookmark. I have so much enjoyed your hints, tips, inspiration and pages. I have a tight budget and a 6.5 month old and your tips (framed pages – genius!) will help me add the touches I've missed in his room. Love your work, and your generosity of sharing. All the best from a new Australian fan, Lisa

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