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My Love for Painting Interior Doors


After posting about these incredible Nate Berkus doors yesterday, I thought I would follow up with a little collection of interior doors with non-white paint treatments.

{Here’s another view from the same apartment.}
I know it might seem like a strange thing to do to your home – paint the doors. In fact, my mom gave me a quizzical look last week when I suggest she paint the inside of her front door blue. I had these pictures in mind when I suggested it:

Lots of interior designers paint all of their interior doors black, swearing that it makes even boring or cheap doors look substantial and interesting.

Kate Spade is on board:So is Miles Redd:

Black doors reminds me of pre-war building apartments in New York.

If you’re nervous about going whole hog with painting your door, you might consider painting just the millwork:

But if you’re like me, and love the idea, try choosing a bright, unexpected color for a door at the end of a long hallway, or for an interesting twist in a bedroom.

What did you think?
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14 thoughts on “My Love for Painting Interior Doors

  1. Ok Jennica so my question is this: my hallway is painted and my once peach doors (not a cute door color) are going white except for the one door we talked about at the end of my hallway. What color should I do??? You tell me, and I will follow. :)

  2. i was toying with doing the millwork to add iterest to my soon-to-be-completed builder’s home; however, now that I’ve seen this – I think I’m going to just go for it and do the whole thing. never thought of that for interiors… here i was agonizing over what to paint the outer doors. :-)

  3. I absolutely love your ideas! I just painted the inside of my front door and the entry hall closet door black! It was a bold move but they look fabulous!

    Jackie Gilbert

  4. Hi Glad to see this!
    I've painted (some)interior doors for years and have been told that its a decorating no no (must be same color as woodwork supposedly).
    Now I can refer to your blog.
    And the ones that you show are beautiful!

  5. just painted my interior doors green same as wall color, saw it in a friends home and it so makes sense. Had a very small area with three door ways and painting them makes it all flow so much better. Go for it and paint your doors!
    Now I just need to know what to do with a 40's 50's bright pink and black tiled bathroom. looks like pepto bismo,excuse the spelling.

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