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There are a number of things on my mind right now. Including but not limited to

1. Lost.

Did you watch the two-hour season premier last night? What did you think?

2. Home Goods.

Ikat is all the rage. Even TJMaxx is with the program. Check out the chairs my friend got at HomeGoods for $99. I haven’t seen them in person yet, but they seem pretty awesome here.

{P.S. Amanda – you wanted to know cheap(er) places to get Mrs. Meyer’s? HomeGoods sometimes carries it at a pretty good discount (like $3 instead of $6)}

3. Spray paint.

The Krylon brand has become my new official spray paint. I tried it for the first time today (the indoor/outdoor in ‘gloss’). I was skeptical during the application, but the paint spread and dried beautifully. It seriously looks like a professional paint job. Each can has an awesome ergonomic spray button (sounds silly, I know, but it makes a difference to my Mr. Pointer when I’m spray painting a huge desk). Also, you can rotate the sprayer to spread horizontally or vertically or any angle in between. And it’s cheap too – it only costs $2.99 a can. I bought mine at Home Depot but I’ve also seen Krylon at other stores.

4. Mrs. O’s dress choice.

Was I the only one sort of disappointed with Michelle Obama’s dress? It wasn’t my favorite. I thought it was okay, but pretty much every designer in the world was chomping at the bit, wanting the chance to dress Michelle for the day, and this is the best they could do? I guess I just expected something more classy.

You know what was SO classy though? On the steps of the White House, Mrs. Obama gave Laura Bush a leather bound journal for writing her memoirs. The journal was engraved with the quote: “There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.”


5. Emerald green.

This pretty vignette is from designer Mary MacDonald’s beautiful Hollywood guest home, published in the latest Domino. That shade of green is so beautiful.

6. Box pleats.

Image about via Cole and Sons Wallpapers

I love ’em, just generally.

image above designed by Windsor Smith

But I really love Erika’s new sofa and chairs.

She bought them from Best Slipcover Company. She seriously has the best taste. Don’t you just love the print on those chairs?

7. This aqua Martha Stewart room.

I don’t know way I love it so much. The painted floors? The millwork? The artwork (probably). Plus, I’ve got pale, smokey aqua (Chiang Mai fabric) on the brain lately. Which reminds me of…

9. Miles Redd’s NYC townhouse.

Aren’t the awnings absolutely perfect? His front door is the exact shade of “dirty” aqua that I’m talking about. I love it. Also love that door hardware. Wow.

10. Coral paper

I decided to paper the inside of my pale blue china hutch. So tonight I picked up a few pieces of this relatively inexpensive paper at Paper Source. The goal is to achieve the same look as wallpaper, but this project is a fraction of the cost.

The coral color of the paper looks really pretty with my chair fabric.

What’s on your mind right now? Any fun projects to share? I need some inspiration!

What did you think?
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6 thoughts on “Randomness

  1. i thought that michello Obama looked a little jakie o in her dress and jacket… Better than the get up she wore to the prayer service yesterday… i sort of liked the design of the dress but not with flats.

    oh and i might be getting 2 wing back recliners for $50 if my grandma does not want them. they are pink. ready for me to re do. i will need your help and advice.

  2. I was loving LOST last night. We may have to catch the end of it at your house sometime. We couldn’t keep our darn eye lids open! Thanks for the Krylon tip. I’ll have to pass that along to my sis who needs to secretly paint her hubby’s chidhood furnature.

  3. Krylon is indeed the best! So are you spraypainting the replacement desk? Looking forward to pics!
    Thanks for the Mrs. Meyer’s tip. Per Mrs. O, yeah, I was rather disappointed in her outfit too – it was certainly ornate, but I wanted something a little more…I don’t know, maybe not that color. I confess to not loving that color in an allover outfit at all – much prefer it in accents.

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