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Faux Bois Mirror

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Like you already know, faux bois means “fake wood” {doesn’t everything sound nicer in French?}.

I’ve been watching this auction for a faux bois mirror, originally sold at Gumps for $800. While it will certainly go for more, the current price is $66. Auction ends tomorrow.

In an effort to keep myself from buying this beauty, I’m posting it for the masses (well, for all 10 of you that read this blog). Please, bid on this so I won’t.

Here are a few more favorite faux bois beauties on the market right now:

This faux bois rug from Pottery Barn is available on eBay in the khaki color.

Or the green version in 8×10, on sale for $299 at Pottery Barn stores.

I can’t tell if this cake stand from Bell’occhio is hot or not. It doesn’t really scream “sanitary” to my subconscious and I might feel weird serving an actual cake on it. I still think it’s cool though. Maybe I’d use it for holding mail and keys on a console table instead?

Two’s Company planters here and here via eBay

A pair of Martha’s faux bois shams would make an awesome accent to almost anyone’s current bedding.

Crate & Barrel makes this stunning console table ($699) that’s worth saving for.

It was featured a while back in Elle Decor.

Feeling like a little dose of DIY?

Pick up a wood-graining tool and follow these simple steps from Martha(‘s minions). She’s teaching us to make wrapping paper here, but most of the same principles apply to other faux bois painting projects.

If you’re feeling REALLY ambitious, you could do a whole wall. I love that this wall is a peacock blue/green color. I think faux bois looks cooler when you’re not trying to make it look like real wood.


Not feeling quite that ambitious? See how Abbey totally transformed her trashcan here.

What did you think?
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11 thoughts on “Faux Bois Mirror

  1. I must be #11! just found your blog and it’s super cool. I’m a total faux bois fan, too. I got 8 pottery barn napkins for $10 after the fall, and I love them.

  2. I need the pronunciation guide for faux bois. I don’t think I’ll sound as cool w/out it! I love the PB rug. I was thinking for sure you’d say it was West Elm.

  3. If you got to Hudson in Wellesley, MA you will see a beautiful faux bois mirror (although it cost’s over $1000!). Since seeing that I have been on the lookout for something similiar and way better priced!

  4. I was just looking at a wedding cake done in faux bois today and thinking that it was such and interesting surface treatment. I bet you could use that stamp on fondant, or maybe even chocolate…

  5. Terese – Faux bois is pronounced “fo bwah.” Pretty, huh?

    Katy – I’ve totally seen that mirror at Hudson and I love it! I dream of the day that my budget would allow for $1000 mirror. Can you imagine??

    Paige – I think I know the cake you are talking about – Martha, right? So amazing. I’m not sure how she did it though, because you are pulling the tool through a really wet surface to get the wood grain look, not really stamping. Hmm. I bet they were able to source a stamp somewhere for the fondant. I need to dig that article up. I think it was in MS Weddings…

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