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If you’re looking for a new lamp or two, try checking out the lighting section at Home Goods. I was really impressed last week when I was there. It used to be that all the lamps at Home Goods were sort of “Tuscan” but a lot of their inventory was current and even trendy.

At $30 – $50 each, these are truly great buys.

You could dress up a lot of these plain shades with a little grosgrain ribbon and Fabritac.

These white lamps feel so beachy to me. I’m picturing blue trim here.

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the lamp bases below are really cool looking. The pickled wood is rustic in a very modern sort of way. Those lamps shade could use a little revamping though – maybe ditch the printed trim and lacquer the brown fabric?

Also rustic modern – and I love the shades here. Just a little black grosgrain around the top and bottom of the shades would be perfection.

Mercury glass-looking gourd lamps. Love these.

These amber-colored lamps are very beautiful. They look sort of like Murano glass and Tiger’s eye had a baby together.

Simple and understated black and linen.

The metal on this lamps is much nicer in real life. That shade needs to go straight to the dump.

Very modern and chic.

I could build a whole room around these green and white beauties. Anyone up for it?

A modern take on the classic urn lamp. Looks like something from Brocade Home.

These black gourd lamps are so great. They are on clearance for $30 each and I am so, so tempted to get them for myself. I did suggest them to an eDecorating client and she loves them as much as I do. {Stay tuned for the post on her living room tomorrow!}

P.S. I saw this framed chalkboard near the lamp section and though some of you readers might be interested. It was only $24.99 and might be a good alternative for those of you who don’t want to deal with making a fancy chalkboard.

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11 thoughts on “Home Goods Lamps

  1. these are a super find. love them.

    the post makes me think about something I’ve been trying to figure out…where to find new cheap drum shades for vintage lamps. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

  2. you read my mind that I was looking for a chalkboard like that. Now I have to decide if it’s on my want or need list! Josh and I need some lamps like those to get rid of our college feel in our bedroom.

  3. I love Home Goods! They have some of the very same one right now @ our local Gilbert store. I do love the ones on the very bottom that are on clearance.

  4. And it makes me crazy that there isn’t a Home Goods in Austin – there are 2 in San Antonio, and I’ll be there Saturday for a youth temple trip, but alas since I’ll be driving youth that have to be back home ASAP no time for a decorating junket. Bah.

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  6. Love your choices but I also found some reasonable hanging pendant lights at LampGoods.etsy.com

    See if you agree?

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