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My China Hutch Gets a Face Lift

Dining Room

We bought our china hutch five years ago at a thrift store for $35. It was painted hot pink when we bought it and it has been about six other colors since then.

A few months ago, I painted it a pale blue (above, behind the chairs) which I liked, but felt the hutch needed a little more. I never really liked the fussy hardware, so I bought new bin pulls and a couple knobs from this eBay shop on the cheap (I think it was around $30 for everything). The new hardware instantly updated the hutch and helped brightened the room.

Then I bought a few sheets of pretty paper for a couple dollars each from Paper Source, cut the paper to size (being careful to line up the pattern) and double-stick taped the sheets to the backs and sides of the inside of the hutch.

My original plan was to spray glue or even mod podge the paper in place, but so far the double stick tape has served me well. Which I’ve decided will make my life really easy when I will inevitably want to change out the paper in six months or so. {Is there a medication for whatever it is that I have?}

Have a great weekend! My parents are in town and I’ll be busy taking advantage of full-time sitters and my mom’s unfailing eye for home decor. See you Monday.

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16 thoughts on “My China Hutch Gets a Face Lift

  1. Love the look of the china hutch and the double stick tape idea. I need to forward this post to my husband so he knows that I am not the only one afflicted with the frequent change syndrome (FCS). I am at the point where I have an interior design delivery/move service come every year or so (I save up the projects to get them done en masse) to move some things to the attic, move things from one room to another, rehang paintings and such.

    How does your husband deal with your FCS?

  2. You’re right – the china hutch needed that paper to really pop! The colors are wonderful together. When you have a piece like the hutch that gets repainted often, what is your advice on that? Do you sand it prior to each repainting or just paint over the last job? I have a few pieces that I’d love to paint, but we’ll be moving soon, so will thus probably be repainting soon, and I don’t wants layers of gunk to build up so that I cannot open the drawers easily anymore etc.

  3. That is so, so pretty! I love that. We have this breakfest hutch (built in) in our dining room that I never know what to do with, it is huge and one of my favorite things about the house, but it is mahogany and for that I could never paint it. It matches the wainscoting around the room and I just never want to mess with it.

  4. what a great change! wow what a difference new drawer pulls can make! it looks really gorgeous! and don’t worry, I do the exact same change my mind a million times thing!

  5. So cute Jennica!! I’m so happy for you to have your parents. They are the best. And how nice of them do visit you in the freezing cold winter…not surprising though. Have so much this weekend.

  6. wow! i love, love it. (i say that alot on here don’t i?)

    have fun with your parents, tell them hi for me! i just love those two. (your mom does have amazing taste, her white wash piano and grandfather clock are to die for.)

  7. I think this is so beautiful. I love all the eye candy your blog provides me.

    I’m curious about the repainting question too. Actually, I’d love to read any tips you have on painting furniture generally. (I got a hutch recently that I found on craigslist and was so happy that it was already white. Well, it looked white in the picture, but it turned out to be more of a peachy beige.)

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