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Special Delivery


I present to you the books, in all their glory…

Ordered on a Thursday night (with standard shipping), received on Monday. Not too shabby if you ask me.

And, of course, I love them.

{images by me, taken right after the books were received. So if you enlarged the photos and are wondering about the little particles on some of the books – it’s just the shipping packaging stuff that I neglected to notice in my excited state. Sorry about that.}

What did you think?
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21 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. Can’t thank you enough – I ordered the entire set too last week after I saw your post! I cannot wait to display (and read) them!!!

  2. The books are gorgeous, for sure. But I too am wondering what that blue latice background is. I am hoping it’s a bedspread and still available somewhere.

    Love your blog.

  3. I love those books – I wish I room for them.

    As for cheap seagrass – try ordering from homedecorators.com – they are probably the cheapest. I HOpe this helps!!!

  4. Thank you SO much for posting this! I have been lusting after those books since they first came out last year and I was ecstatic to see that they were available a little closer to home and for a fraction of the price. I just ordered a set! I am beyond excited about this!!

    I just came across your blog for the first time tonight and I love it. :)

  5. kWow, those books are absolutely beautiful!! I really want them but they're sold out now :((
    I'm gonna do my best, those are classics everyone should have at home and it's even better if they can look beautiful and make our shelves a work of art!!

    love your blog, gives me a lot of ideas!

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