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Target Goes Anthro


I’m looking for a pair of cheap slipper chairs for a project I’m working on and was surprised to see the selection of furniture at Target. Don’t you feel like some of these shapes and many of the patterns are straight out of Anthropologie?

I love these ikat benches. Absolutely perfect for the foot of the bed.

Love these curvy fainting sofas.
These chaises (above) would be awesome in a large living room, complementing a full-size sofa and two slipper chairs. Maybe some slipper chairs like these…

It looks like Target used Calico Corners prints on some of these chairs:

The Clybourn Loft chair
uses the Dahlia print.

The Bird and Floral chair

uses like the Aviary print.

The Flower Field chair

uses the Flower Field print.

The price points are a little higher than I was hoping for (being from Target) and there is the question of quality, but it might be a good alternative for some of you Anthro-lovers-on-a-budget out there. At the very least, it might inspire you to find something vintage on CL and reupholster with Calico Corners prints.

**PS Just noticed on the Target site that if you spend more than $125 they’ll give you 15% off your order.

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14 thoughts on “Target Goes Anthro

  1. those are really gorgeous considering they are from Target. Please, if you find out any more about them (quality) pass the info along!

    i just love your blog. i always learn something new from you. i think you are fabulous! do you plan to end up in AZ or will you stay out east?

  2. WOW, isnt it amazing the kinds of things you can find at Target! I love Anthro, and those certainly would sefice for a lady like me on a budget! Great FIND! Also, i love your blog, you give such great ideas! THank you for that!

  3. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    Bekah – Most of the online reviews of the Target furniture are pretty good. A few people were disappointed with the size of the slipper chairs (too small), but most other reviews were positive.

    I wish we could move back to Arizona at some point because I miss my family so much, but my gut says we’re now east-coasters for life. We’ve caught the bug in a major way!

    3 Including Me – I’m so glad you stopped by! I hope you keep coming back and often!

    Amanda – They’re called “slipper chairs” because they were originally often put in ladies dressing rooms to put on or take off their slippers. The chairs have been around for centuries and were made popular by the genius interior decorator, Billy Baldwin.

    Kate – I totally loved that UO fainting sofa, too! I need a house big enough for all this furniture I’m loving!! :)

  4. I love the dreen duvet, and really really want it! Does it come with any of the pillow covers..I looked online and couldn’t tell.?

    Love your blog so much!

  5. Thanks again for the nice comments, everyone. I was really excited about the Wash. Post news! What a surprise!

    Kara – Looks like the Ballard duvet is the only piece of the set left. You could buy two duvets and make some pillows out of the second cover? Or I bet you could find a nice coordinating pillow at Pottery Barn. I love the pearl dot embroidered set. I know they have an apple green shade that could be spot on with the Ballard duvet.

    Esther – here is the link the the Target furniture. I'm not sure about your question on the chaises. I only saw one size in the fainting sofas/chaises. Also, the prices run between $200 and $500. Here's the link:

  6. unreal. but that chair with the wheels is the best!!!! I used one of those fainting benches in a teenagers room – in lilac velvet – but it came from Urban Outfitters?!!! weird. love this. makes me want to buy something.

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  8. Just now seeing this post. I love the fainting couches… but I didn't see them on target's website… do you know if they still have them… how did you search for them at

    Thanks so much!!

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