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Triple L Fabric and Temporary Wallpaper – Waverly’s on a Roll!


I’ve received a number of emails about this fabric (which was the photo backdrop to the books in my last post).

Believe it or not, the fabric is a $10.95 per yard indoor/outdoor print from Waverly! It’s called ‘Lovely Lattice’ and the color is ‘Lagoon’. The print comes in black and citrine as well.

I ordered 4 yards from here to reupholster my dining room settee. I was thrilled with the print, weight and feel – not to mention the stain-resistant qualities of indoor/outdoor fabric.

It’s a tiny bit more blue-green in person than the photos imply (hence the name ‘lagoon’) and I think it is lovely.

It really seems like Waverly is trying to add trendy patterns to all their product lines.

Check out these temporary wallpaper solutions from Waverly (available online and through Sherwin Williams stores):

This black and cream ($24.49 per single roll), here, would be perfect for an entry hall or a small powder room. Or even framed out in molding for a bigger room. Comes in other colors, too.

This ($24.49 per single roll)

seems like a very loose interpretation of this (also available in black and white) from Cole and Son ($100+ per roll).

This leafy wallpaper looks awesome ($25.89 per single roll)

as seen here, via design*sponge

Never again will I associate Waverly with grapevines and antiqued roosters!

What did you think?
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13 thoughts on “Triple L Fabric and Temporary Wallpaper – Waverly’s on a Roll!

  1. I need some advice. I adore the picture with the cole & son wallpaper in a frame behind the white couch.

    I've always wanted to have a huge frame like that in my future family/living room on a prominant wall, I'll paint the walls a great neutral color and be able to switch out the color and pattern inside the frame at will.

    How would I do that? Any advice? Ideas? Pictures?

  2. Jenny,
    What does temporary wallpaper mean?

    PS. I am so glad you posted this. I have often wondered about where to get nice looking wallpaper inexpensively!

  3. That is totally one of my swatches that I have saved for my house remodel! I posted a couple of them on my blog a few weeks ago. I’m glad you like it too! I found it on but it was slightly more—around $15 a yard. Awesome!

  4. Jenny,
    I on the hunt for some black and white fabric for a wingback chair I'm recovering for my bedroom. I'm on a budget, and of course most of the patterns I'm drawn to are in the $25+ range. I came across this from Waverly and thought you might know, based on this posting, if the weight it good enough for my project. This isn't part of their indoor/outdoor line, so the weight might be different than what you used. Or, maybe you might have some good resources that could help me out. Thanks, Shannon

  5. Shannon, this fabric is more 'home decor weight' than upholstery weight. Best for draperies and pillows. But it definitely would work for upholstery projects. I just wouldn't use it on work horse furniture – like dining chairs.

    Good luck!

  6. I am in love with the Waverly wallpaper . . . so much so that I attempted to hunt it down for my new apartment . . hours & countless internet searches/calls to Sherwin Williams later, I've discovered that it's been discontinued in that color (but they still have bright blue and and awful red/orange combo. go figure). Just thought I'd report back for anyone else who might be trying to find it. The pattern # is 5511022, btw, but I haven't found it for sale anywhere yet (ebay or otherwise). The hunt continues . . .

  7. Hi Jenny, what a great blogspot! I am moving into a house and want to temporarily cover a painted mural of an underwater lagoon, which was a kid's room. I'm not sure if I will be buying the house, so don't want to paint over the mural. Is there a solid color temporary wallpaper which would not take off the paint? I will be living in Vista, California. Thanks for any help.


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