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  1. I hope the Canadian stores have these too. I wonder if it comes in a console version. I’ve always wanted something like this but the stores that carry them sell them for $900+!

  2. So pretty, but I just checked the dimensions an it’s only 26″ in height. Isn’t that kind of short? I know that’s a good 4 inches shorter than my “placeholder” piece that I’d like to replace with this. I’m currently using it in an entryway with a mirror on the wall above. Could someone comment on the size and/or possible other uses? Thanks

  3. What would be even better is if someone had it at a garage sale for say $10. I am the queen of cheap and could not stand to pay full price for ANYTHING. When I find great deals they become my little treasures…things I cannot replace- at least replace for the little amount of money I paid for them in the first place.

  4. Oh yes! I actually bought this (when it was $49) several weeks ago when I spotted it in the store. I love it!! I’m using it beside my very long sofa as a side table. Everything else just looked way too small. I’ll agree that it is small for a console table.

    I recently saw an almost identical table in a Chelsea home in Elle Decor – and we all know it wasn’t $39!

    It is very sturdy and looks expensive. It’s a great buy if you can find it!!!( i also liked the oval coffee table and the small side table, but had no place for them.)

  5. i’m super late on this, but i got excited too and went and checked this out as soon as i saw it over at brynn’s. it was actually pretty fug in person. it’s not a nice brass, or even gold color. it’s way too dark.

  6. Actually,I just purchased it and I thought the gold on it was a little dark myself – so I took some brasso, a rag, and elbow grease – and its the perfect shade of gold – and the feet on it are insane.

  7. I am way late on this post, but yes. I bought this at the long beach location and it is my foyer table, and I have my vintage "Hear no evil, say no evil, see no evil" buddah men on them with a gorgeous vase of flowers and its so happy!! I also cleaned mine up a bit with brasso to make the gold be the proper shade and its soo rich looking. I also have an elephant garden stool next to it, its insane! love it!

  8. I hate that I didn't buy this when I saw it last year. I have been scouring all the pier 1s for several months and no one has it anymore, I can KILL !!! Now I know not to doubt myself. If anyone has any sources for this please share!

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