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Ottomans as Coffee Tables

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I’ve got upholstered ottomans on the brain lately and thought you’d be interested in some of the photo inspiration I’ve pulled together. There are so many different styles to choose from!! What’s your favorite?

image via Cote de Texas

Ashley Whittaker Designs

Windsor Smith Designs

Design by Frederic Fekkai

Designed by Mary MacDonald

Designed by Jen West

Designed by Windsor Smith

Designed by Black & Spiro

Designed by Alessandra Branca
Designed by Ashley Whittaker
image via Apt Therapy
image from the set of The Holiday via Cote de Texas

Design by Suzanne Rheinstein
ottoman available at OKA Direct
image via Cottage Living

Design by Nathan Egan
What did you think?
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21 thoughts on “Ottomans as Coffee Tables

  1. This post is PERFECT timing!!! I just started to look for an ottoman as a coffee table this week (and have had some trouble finding decent ones). Thanks for the great post!! A lot of great ones in here, but I really like the last two.

  2. wonderful… I will be going back to this as I make mine… I am picking up my coffee table today!!

    Thanks again for ALL your help

  3. I love ottomans – I’ve wanted to get one for the longest time. I’m thinking of trying a DIY project to make a simple one – it seemed easy when Sara Richardson did it on Room Service. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Oh how am I EVER going to make a choice when I can actually buy furniture I love?

    One thing I love about your blog is I am able to look at the options you provide and decide what my “sense” of style is. It is hard to narrow “me” down but you are helping me one post at a time. THANK YOU

    Now I just need to decide which is my favorite. Or at least my top 3 (I like 10!) LOL

  5. I thought it would be easy to pick out a favorite until I saw beautiful image after image!

    I have been eyeing this large square ottoman upholstered in chocolate/greigey linen with French style cabriole legs at a local shop.. it’s gorgeous, but I’m too worried about spills on the linen and having it look worn quickly… the practical side of me would probably go for a leather ottoman for just that reason… not that they’re bad looking either!

  6. Wow, now I see what your latest project is. I cannot wait to see the finished product. I love the second one from the top. I also like the really big ones toward the middle. I like how some add a bold splash of color to a room. They are probably great for kids who climb on furniture or who are prone to bonking on table corners. P.S. I’m so excited you get to meet my twin sis on the weekend of the 27th!

  7. Love anything tufted. And could you maybe onetime post a how-to of tufting? Like headboards or ottomans? You know, in all your spare time.

  8. A substantial piece with legs, covered in a black and white animal print is my absolute fave!! Now, how to make that work with a great large-scale floral print, I have no idea…

  9. Oh, it’s hard to pass up a good animal print, but I honestly think the circular one with the greek key detail is my fav in this bunch. Great roundup!

  10. I love the over stuffed buttoned ones – especially the taupe one with the buttoning on the sides. wildly impractical I know – imagine all the crumbs collecting in the upholstery – but divine. very inspiring collection

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