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Silhouette Murals


Last week, my DIY shades post was featured on Apartment Therapy New York, which was fun. Leah, a writer for Apartment Therapy DC, emailed me about the post and about our oddly similar bios – both wives of law students (well, her husband is graduated), part-time decorators, mothers of two little girls, etc.

If you haven’t checked out her awesome blog, you really should. One of my favorite posts was about her bathroom mural. She painted the walls Benjamin Moore’s South Beach and then hand-painted a silhouette of her two daughters.

In her post, Leah explains that she was inspired by some silhouette decals for sale at Harmonie-Interieure. Leah drew out a design for the girls’ figures on large paper, cut the figures out and traced the outlines on the wall in pencil. Then she went back and carefully painted the images with black craft paint using a very thin paint brush for nice, crisp edges. She drew the tree free-hand on the wall in pencil then painted that in, too.

If you’re not as artistic as Leah, but love the look of silhouette murals, these decals (above) are a good option for you. Here are a couple more options, below.

This little girl blowing bubbles silhouette is really cute, but I wish the scale was smaller (like Leah’s images).

This one’s only 5×7

Birds on a wire via Etsy seller Dali Decals

Elephants in a row also via Dali Decals on Etsy

Cute tree via EllyNelly

I like these butterfly decals via Pottery Barn Kids. And have you seen the white butterfly mobile in person? So awesome and a fun project to recreate.

Leah was also really creative in her bathroom’s wall art. She found this napkin on sale at Anthropologie and framed it.

I think the framed art and the mural are just perfect together.

Great job, Leah!

What did you think?
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4 thoughts on “Silhouette Murals

  1. WOW! Leah is really talented! I love the color of the walls. The black and white helps to balance the brightness of the color and it all looks great together!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I normally don’t really LOVE decals (it seems like you mentioned before that you don’t either), but somehow these would really work in a bathroom.

    I still like the idea of a mural better than decals, but you’re right. If people don’t want to try free hand painting, they could use decals.

    What about buying a decal and using it as a stencil for tracing out the design and then painting it in? Best of both worlds?

  3. Congrats on the blinds piece being picked up! great post today as well.

    I recently purchased a silhouette print for my girls' room from Sarah & Abraham. It is beautiful & very affordable. I don't think she has decals though.

    Link to shop

    Link to her blog

    You've inspired me to try my own diy on a smaller scale, there are a number of tutorials in blog land


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