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Spray Painting Upholstered Furniture


I’m feeling a little better today and have been busy catching up on house work and other projects, but I wanted to get one last post in before the weekend.

As you all know, I’ve wanted a pair of x benches to put in my bedroom for quite a while now. Even the basic, plain white x benches from Ballard were going to run me about $400. So, I scoured eBay and Craig’s List. A few months of searching later, I found these bad boys on Craig’s List for $15 a pop.

Now, some people say the granny/Sante Fe 80s are back. Though many an eyebrow was raised over this room published in Domino, designed by Kelley Wearstler. Is it ugly or cutting edge?

Whether Santa Fe seafoams and peaches are back or not, the x benches were purchased for my bedroom and I needed them to be dark.

I considered reupholstering the benches myself. But I am in the middle of THREE upholstery projects right now and the idea of doing all that piping was making my head spin. Can you blame me?

{Nothing beats spray painting in the snow}

So I called a number of professional upholsters. The cheapest quote I got was $175 per bench (not including the fabric) just for the labor. Yeah. Thanks, but no thanks.

Enter: Google search “spray painting fabric”

After one coat of Navy Blue upholstery spray paint

I’ve read online that you can use regular old latex paint (brushed on) or spray paint from the hardware store to paint upholstery. I was a little skeptical with that prospect (though I plan to try it out in the very near future), so I decided to go with a special spray paint made for upholstery by this company that promises the painted fabric will stay soft after drying.

The customer service was great and I received my three bottles of navy blue spray paint the day after I placed my order. {P.S. enter ‘thanks’ in the checkout for 10% off your order}

Upholstery spray paint colors currently available.

Verdict? I found that the painted fabric was a little stiff at first, though it was softer than I expected. It’s been about 3 weeks now, and the fabric has really loosened up. Still, I don’t think I’d paint a whole sofa. I’d stick with smaller upholstered furniture – benches, headboards, dining chairs, etc.

Anyway, after the paint dried, I decided to use some black fabric paint on the piping (applied with a brush) to make the benches pop a little more.

What do you think?

What did you think?
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58 thoughts on “Spray Painting Upholstered Furniture

  1. First of all — Kelly Wearstler’s room is a no go for me. I searched that photo to find SOMETHING, just one piece that I could like. Nothing.

    Your benches are awesome. Nice work.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    This project’s been done for about a month now and I haven’t had any problems with the paint rubbing off on clothing. Maybe if I had used dye, then there might have been an issue. But there is no reason to worry about the paint staining.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  3. The stars must be aligned both your blog and Eddie’s featured spray painted upholstery today. He used silver spray paint on a chair! I think the benches are great.

    PS Not into the sante fe peaches…

  4. Wow. I can’t believe that’s paint! I have two equally hideous x-benches in my basement and I might just give this a shot before I take them to get reupholstered.

  5. I know Kelly Wearstler is supposed to be fabulous and all but I can’t dig it.

    I think it was definitely a courageous move on your part. I couldn’t tell if you were pleased with the result. Do you think you can still see the old Santa Fe pattern through the paint?

    The Estate of Things

  6. I’m impressed that you had the guts to do it. I would have bought all the stuff and then chickened out right before the first spray.

    (Seafoam green and peach? Maybe. Santa Fe prints? Not in this lifetime)

  7. Thanks for your comments, guys.

    Sarah, I actually really like that you can see the pattern of the old fabric through the new paint. I think it is cool and ethnic and adds some depth to the fabric. It was the seafoam green and peach coloring that was turning me off to the old fabric.

    Anonymous – I’ll be sure to post if I have any problems in the future. I was really skeptical, too, and figured I didn’t have much to lose – worst case scenario I could just pull the painted fabric off and reupholster the benches. But, I really am happy with the result. I would even say that the painted benches are getting better with time!
    Thanks for your comment.

  8. First off – I’m so not into the Santa Fe thing coming back. However, I really like everything about that room minus the wallpaper. The wallpaper screams Carmella Soprano (the ultimate peach and seafoam girl).

    Secondly. Really cool makeover on the benches. They look great in your room!

  9. HATE that Kelly Wearstler stuff. HATE with a passion. Like the Gardner, I also scoured those pictures for something I liked. Think I found a bowl.

    Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should, I think.

    However, I love those refurbished benches… although I do wish I didn’t know the previous pattern, which shows up slightly through the paint. It looks subtle under the blue, but I keep seeing the 80s.

    Love the idea of painting the upholstery, at least in small doses.

  10. Wow, what a brilliant idea!I’m always looking for frugal ways to redecorate my home, and I’ve never heard of spray painting upholstered furniture! i love the way your benches look and what a money saver. thanks, mary :O)

  11. I can’t even say how disappointed I was in the Kelly Wearstler domino spread. After watching her on Top Design, I expected a bit kooky, maybe veering off into crazy on occasion, but somehow it all working. At least from my perspective, none of it worked. That bedroom being the worst of it.

    RE: the stools. I was a little skeptical on the color in some of the first pictures, but the ones of them in the bedroom won me over. They look great!

  12. I never realized people did Granny Santa Fe on purpose!! I just assumed it was an unfortunate accident :D

    Love the benches! Since this is paint do you think if you used them on a dining room chair and spilled food on it that it would clean up better or worse than regular fabric? At least you’d be able to give it a fresh coat when it got too stained!

  13. Wow, I would never have even thought such a thing was possible, let alone desirable – but the benches look great! I’m feeling inspired to do a few furniture fixes of my own now!

  14. Hey Ever since my hubby told me he had gotten a “quote” of over 1G to reupholster our sofa, Ive been toying with the crazy idea of spray painting it! Could not believe my eyes when your blog came up! He would absolutely die if I suggested it. Im glad this option is out there for smaller pieces anyway! I’m still chuckling about having the idea on my own and seeing it here!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!!! I have been on a week long blog hiatus due to an intense amount of grad school work. What a great surprise, for my return. These X benches made my day. They are great. Welcome back me!!!!

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  16. Love Kelly Wearstler but don’t care for that room!

    Always wondered if spray painting would work on upholstery but was concerned about stiffness- was so glad to see your post on this. The benches look great!

  17. What wording did you use to search for the benches on Craig’s List? My attempts returned a lot of benches and car parts, no cute little upholstered items. Thanks!

  18. Anon –

    It took me a long time to find these benches on Craig’s List. Though they can easily be found on eBay (but they are pricier there). I used the search words:
    x benches
    x bench
    x stools
    x ottomans
    I hope you have some luck. If you want, you can tell me what city you live in and I can try to help you search a little.


    1. There’s always January, Tam. I remember a few poarmChtist-ss days when the only way the shop door opened was when I arrived and left.Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in advance.Best wishes.

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    4. your missing the point bro, KWA’s don’t need fixed or upgraded. Mines been going strong on an 11.1 lipo for 3 seasons without a single problem. I can tell you really hate them by your comments on this video, but I can only guess its because you have never owned one.

  19. Those colors look so, so, um, 80s, no, I have it! Golden Girls!

    Your benches look fantastic. Great job. Maybe I’ll try it on my velour “egg” chair (a faux knock off of the great one).

  20. PS I’m going to appall you, but those patterns were also very popular in Scandinavia – land of wallpapers – I had to live with that for a year.

  21. I would have never thought to spray paint fabric, but I am so glad that you did!! Do you mind revealing the source of your paint again(the link didn't go through for me)?

    1. why yes sherrie it is – It used to be called Grace Under Fire!i think it made the semi finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel in 2009. Top 500 out of 10,000 (I think and also along with Elana Jo9snon&#3h;s). Thanks for reminding me :) I need to look that up…

  22. I've seen the paint on the internet but didn't try. Nice to see it worked so well for you. I might try a recliner that I just can't figure out how to re upholster.
    ps. That room by Kelly Wearstler would be ugly inany time period that I have lived through and I'm in theory granny age (no actual grandkids). The room does look like a mistake as another commenter said. As in you start with a certian style and then just add things without any regard to whether they look good, but just because you need them or someone gave them to you. Don't need
    a designer for that! Kathy

  23. Jenny-

    I realize I may be reaching but would you suggest painting a wingback chair? I know you said no to a couch, but I'm wishful thinking. I plan to make a slipcover at some point but would love even something temporary. I'd love to hear your verdict.


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  25. I just came across this post but I LOVE it! I'm having the same sort of dilema- I see fabric benches that I need for my bedroom at thrift stores and on CL but the thought and expense of reupholstering prevents me from purchasing…thank you AGAIN for your inspriration.

  26. Next time, try the spray paint that florists use to change the color of silk flowers. The array of colors is vast. I've sprayed hats and shoes and purses with great results so why not furniture.

  27. Hats off to you, I think that's the best DIY fabric quick fix yet! I didn't even know that there was a fabric spray paint product. Also thanks for the Folex tip. Just came across your blog, Love it! Though I adore Kelly I'm inclined to think the referenced design "ain't" cutting edge :)


  28. They look great! I am amazed that the paint wouldn't just harden, flake, and peel. My Mom always says you can paint ANYTHING. I guess she's right. And I must say, it is a wonderful way to save $$ on reupholstering! Thanks for the post.

  29. Beautiful!
    I’m thinking of spray painting a wingback chair white for my daughter-in-laws baby shower. I’m scared to but your project looks beautiful!

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