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Why It Pays To Be an (Informed) Lurker on eBay


I’ve really liked Schumacher’s ‘Zimba’ (released in 2008) since I saw these showroom pictures published in Southern Accents.

I also like the same pattern as wallpaper (from the Schumacher website).

I know the design is not for everyone. It’s not traditionally “pretty,” but I love the sort-of organic, wild feel to the pattern.

So you can imagine my thrill when last week I found FOUR YARDS of the Schumacher gem on eBay for $25. Shipping was only $5, so I paid $30 total for all this gray and white linen awesomeness.

I can’t wait to share the project {I think} I’m going to do with this fabric! Cheap and GOOD. You guys will love it.

Point of the post: eBay is the place to look for designer, to-the-trade fabrics.

Look in mags and online for the fabric prints that catch your eye. Then read the fine print (or the resources page in the back) for manufacturer information. And then, if you’re patient, it will come up on eBay for a fraction of the retail price. Promise. It’s worked for me every time.

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7 thoughts on “Why It Pays To Be an (Informed) Lurker on eBay

  1. Ooh, I totally dig the graphic wildness of the print – and what great colors – it seems that it would harmonize with a lot of things in your home – looking forward to seeing the results of the project! And thanks for the tips on sourcing fabric!

  2. I love to change my children’s breakfast bar seats with high end fabric pieces I purchase on eBay.

    You can get great bargains this way and shipping charges are cheap.

    Although not as easy to find, I have also purchased great fringe as well.


  3. i never thought of that! and thanks for the list of the great fabric makers. i’ll be using that to get the ball rolling. i have a couple of pieces that i want to do custom in my new home. can’t wait!

    and… still can’t find that area rug. *sigh*

  4. just found your blog today thanks to Inspiration for Everyday Living (I think). glad to know I’m not the only one who stalks Trade fabric on e-bay! my husband thought I was crazy the first time he caught me up in the middle of the night bidding on Chang Mai Dragon on ebay.uk!

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