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Hanging Daybed

Why Don't You

If my great desire for a back porch wins over my need for energetic city-living, you can bet that I’ll be buying a few more power tools and taking on this DIY project from Lowe’s.

{Or maybe just calling a carpenter?}

Love it. But it needs some paint.

What did you think?
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15 thoughts on “Hanging Daybed

  1. I second the nap comment! I could use one right about now, as long as it was on a beautiful, sunny porch like this one!

    Where is the nice weather? Surely not here in New York.

    Love your blog.

  2. I actually LOVE the chains! I saw some white plastic-coated chain at Home Depot the other day that would look so cool for this project!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Looks like my hubs is going to be a busy boy this weekend!! :)

  3. I love it, but my kids would have that thing swinging through the screens, I think! Imagine getting hit with a whole bed swinging at you. Yikes! Seems dangerous to me who has 2 boys.

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