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I have a small obsession with Liberty of London fabrics. I would gladly cover my girls’ entire room (not to mention other rooms) with these fabrics. The problem is they are expensive (like $30-$40/yard). And hard to find.

(And for the mothers of little boys out there…)

When we were visiting Paris over the summer, I spent the good part of an afternoon shopping by myself in the fabric district. My sweet husband kept our girls happy, riding the Montmartre carousel about 100 times, while I drooled over bolt after bolt of gorgeous Liberty fabric in a store across the street. It was heaven for me, but I ultimately decided not to buy anything because the US dollar was so bad at the time. I figured I could buy the same fabric for less online.

Well, turns out, I can’t. My favorite design is completely sold out.

In the meantime, I keep checking my only known US Liberty sources: eBay and Purl Soho. Anybody out there have some secret sources?

Speaking of Liberty and Purl Soho, I love this store display of different Liberty fabrics in embroidery hoops. Such a big impact for a small investment! For instructions, go here.

Also, check out the owner of Purl Soho’s home, as featured in Blueprint. She must be a huge fan of Liberty fabrics, too. She used yards and yards here in her daughter’s nursery. So beautiful…

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31 thoughts on “Liberty of London

  1. Hi Jenny!

    I love your blog and i, too am OBSESSED with Liberty.
    Not sure if you ever get to NYC, but if so, there is a store in the garment district on 7th Ave (and 39th, I think) called B+J (… they have a large selection of Liberty (I shopped there a lot for Liberty when I was at Parsons). It is not a discount shop at all, but they will most likely have what you are looking for. You may even be able to email them the swatch image and have it shipped.
    Good Luck!

  2. I swear sometimes I feel like you are in my head. I feel in love with that peacock feather fabric a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Love it.

    I'm only 30 mins away from NYC so if you want I can go check out B&J for you and me and report back.

  3. I'm a quilter, and I use Liberty Tana Lawns whenever I can. Purl Soho and International Fabrics are good resources and so is this retailer in New Zealand, but my favorite so far is Britex fabric on Union Square in San Francisco, where my Liberty love became a budget-busting obsession. Unfortunately, Britex don't sell on line. B & J sounds dangerous — I'm about to check it out.

  4. Funny you should be talking about Liberty fabrics today. I just went to B & J fabrics this morning. Great selection –they have dozen of bolts of Liberty Tana, but it is not a bargain at $42.98 a yard. I understand Britex charges over $50 a yard.

  5. When I walked into Liberty about 14 years ago, I fell in love with their fabric. I bought a small purse when I was there and bring it out of “hiding” every summer (want to make it last as long as I can!). Have yet to find anything similar to Liberty fabrics at the Los Angeles fabric mart.

    PS – really enjoy your blog :)

  6. I live in the UK and just checked Liberty’s website – your favourite print is out of stock over here too… and prices aren’t drastically different either otherwise I would offer to send some over. Shame.

    I’m so glad of this post, I had never seen their fabric before and I love it!!!

  7. I miss living in london – I absolutely LOVED going to Liberty on a regular basis to hunt around the textiles. I’ll have to check out Rubie Green.

    My mom has a ton of fabrics she bought when visiting – I’m going to suggest she mount them like canvases now!

  8. Just wanted to chime and and say that I sell Liberty from my etsy shop. Most of the prints I have are discontinued and nearly impossible to find to buy.

    I'm a hoarder. :)

  9. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog today, I was googling Liberty of London fabric. :) I just learned of it recently and am in love with the prints, so vintage! :)I saw that you were in,(I'm in Scottsdale)there's a shop in Keirland called Peek, the owner has an account with Liberty of London… not sure how all that works, but maybe she'd know another source for finding the fabric? :)Amber M.

  10. I love Liberty of London! The target line is really reasonably priced. I couldn't believe it bought one for my daughter and bought myself something as well. Also MAC make-up created a whole line of make-up for Liberty as well great colors. I just Love Love Liberty.

  11. If you happen to be in London, Shaukat's store in Kensington (170-172 Old Brompton Road, closest tube station Gloucester Rd) is a must go. It is truly an Aladdin's cave…. They had all the patterns that you can think of. When I was there, rolls and rolls and rolls of 2011 Spring/Summer selection were just arriving. With VAT, it cost 16 GBP per yard, and they let you gawk at their selection as long as you wish (I came every day for three days before making my decision….) Some shop assistants may be unpleasant at times, ignore them. In general they are eager to help.

    Just a note: I saw a mark of "IMPERFECT" in their roll, but it must be very slight imperfections as I couldn't find any. At that price (roughly $ 25 per yard), I was very happy with my purchase (9 patterns at .5 m each).

    Shaukat's is only 15 mins walk away (0.8 miles) from VnA museum…..

  12. Hi,
    I know this Blog is from sometime ago now….but my BFF and I have a Liberty business called ava and neve in Australia. The exchange rate works in your favour. Check us out
    We also make a lot of beautiful products from it ourselves to sell in our collective section.

    Happy Sewing. xx

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