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Love Seats at the End of the Bed


Sorry for all the bedroom posts. I’m decorating two bedrooms right now – so I’ve got lots of ideas and questions swimming around my mind.

One of those questions is about putting a love seat or settee at the foot of the bed, as opposed to a bench.

Thoughts? Really awesome? Or too big??

What did you think?
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48 thoughts on “Love Seats at the End of the Bed

  1. Love the look – but – one question is anyone tall going to sleep in these rooms ? My husband is tall and I reckon his feet would hit the end of the bed / top of the loveseat, but then again some people have headboards and footboards on their beds, I suppose you just get used to it . .

  2. Funny you should ask this – because I really, really do not like the look of a loveseat at the end of a bed. I like the look of a simple bench, but a settee that is smaller in scale without a back is OK too.

    I think it depends on the room. For a small room, a loveseat at the end takes up way too much room. I also think that it is not too functional. Why would anyone ‘need’ a loveseat at the end of a bed? I use the bench at the end of my bed to put the pillows on in the evening, not really to sit on. I do have a large bedroom with a fireplace, though, with two comfortable chairs in front of the fireplace.

    Sorry this was so long…but you asked! As soon as I saw the title to this one I knew I had to come over and check out the post!

  3. I think too big. Also if you have a beautiful bed with a footboard, why hide it behind a loveseat? Some of these are way out of scale and style. I think a low bench or pair of ottomans is usually the better choice.

  4. I know it is a trend…I’ve seen it more and more but I think too big. I really don’t like the aesthetic of when back of the seat is higher than the footboard–and not at all if there is no footboard. Seeing the back above the mattress and or footboard looks messy, incorrect in some way.

    If I had a room big enough for a loveseat there, I am guessing I have room for a specific seating area.

    Just my opinion. I am sure whatever you design will look marvelous though…you’ve got a great eye.


  5. I really think that it depends on the size of the room and how it’s all pulled together. If the room is big enough, why not?

  6. I also think that the love seats are too big on all these pictures.. a small bench would better fit in my opinion..

    but the pictures, the rooms are wonderful..
    where do the pictures come from??

  7. My mother-in-law has one at the foot of her bed. Every once in a while her kids and grandchildren will gather all over her bed & loveseat to hang out. It's a wonderful spot.

  8. some look awesome, while others looks awkward… i would love it if i had a big enough bedroom and could have a flatter one with less of a high back for my daughter to lounge on!!!

  9. The one with the loveseat facing away from fireplace is a mess! Assume it is a small city bedroom that the designer is trying to squeeze a seating area into…

    I’ll have to agree with the others–looks a bit forced. Just a small bench, perhaps?

    Best is something with storage inside.

    Stephanie in NJ

  10. Lovely but our bedroom is way too small and my husband is way too tall and would stub his toes all night!
    So I put an upholstered ottoman there – a freebie which I covered in a jacquard remnant and put two cushions againt the bed – so it looks more sofa than ottoman but we are both happy :)
    Love your blog, by the way!

  11. I love this idea!!! Especially if you’ve got the space… my only thought:

    I prefer the love seat to be just as high as the bed/footboard – I think that some of those rooms, with tall love seats, look a bit unbalanced.

    Just a thought ; )

  12. I love the look, but I think it depends on the size of the room and the size of the love seat. I don’t think the love seat should be larger and overshadow the size of the bed. I always love the look of a 2 X benches at the foot of a bed.

  13. Wow – that sofa in the first pictures is AWESOME. As for putting them at the end of the bed, I’m not a fan. I prefer something smaller and cozier. Unless you have a separate sitting area in your bedroom, I think sofas belong in the living areas.

  14. I think as long as the back doesn’t come up higher than the bed, it looks proportional. Otherwise it looks odd, IMO.

  15. Wow – that huge swath of pictures really makes my response a clear NO! What a great way to make up ones mind – assemble a bunch of pix and see what your reaction is! Thanks for the example!

  16. I also think it depends on the size of the room. I like how it acts as a footboard as well. But I do love it very much! and love your blog ;)

  17. I hate it! Especially if the back is taller than the foot of the bed. Now I really don’t mind it if it’s shorter or the same height as the end of the bed.

  18. I’m so surprised by these comments. I personally love it. Of course you have to pay attention to the size of the room, the bed size, etc. But don’t you do that with all decorating? If it doesn’t work in a room, then of course you shouldn’t do it. Kind of like if you are 400 lbs, you should probably avoid a bikini. It just makes sense. I have seen this in several bedrooms and I think it creates a cozy feeling. 1) As mentioned in a previous comment, these rooms were in houses with families, and it became a nighttime gathering place where books were read, prayers were said, and hugs and kisses goodnight were given. 2) It also created a haven for those moms who wanted to go in their room to read and relax. Perhaps those 2 reasons are more important to me than a stylish home. I love it. If our bedroom is big enough one day (we’re still in apartments), I would definitely look for something along these lines.

  19. They are all so wonderful! Thanks for all the inspiration.

    I love a place to sit at the foot of the bed. I think the size looks fine.

    Many years ago, my mother made this suggestion to me, so I think the look has been popular off & on over the years.

  20. It seems a bit weird looking. Maybe I’m just not up to date with the style, but it looks like you were moving the furniture around in the room and just got too tired to keep moving the couch.

  21. I think I like it, Though I like the ones with smaller loveseats. I think the room would have to be big enough to allow traffic. I do like the idea of being able to sit somewhere other than a bed when I am in a bedroom.

  22. Overall I love the concept but it is all about scale and proportion…proportion of the room and of the sofa/bench being used. If they are in balance than you’ll have a winning combination and a great place to put on your shoes and socks in the morning.

    Tricia – Avolli

  23. I love it, and knowing that you are the one coordinating the rooms I would have no worries about your ability to pull it together properly. I love your blog!!

  24. I kind of feel like Jenny, I am very surprised by these comments. I agree that the scale would have to be right. I loved the photos. I think that decorating is more about taking risks and going with it. It is an added bonus that there is function involved. I love Ruthie Sommers’ bedroom that you posted first. I think Ruthie’s bedroom (and style) are a perfect example of taking a risk that turns out fabulous.

  25. Holy hot topic!

    ITA with most of these comments – the scale is the biggest question. Both of the bedrooms I’m decorating are very large and could definitely handle a small settee (shorter than the mattress, of course).

    To be honest, I’m not really planning to do this in either room. In my inspiration research, I just noticed the trend and wanted to hear what you guys thought about it.

    Thanks for all the comments! I LOVE comments!! :)


  26. It’s practical to have a cozy, comfortable spot to curl up in if your spouse is sleeping and you want to read. Especially if there isn’t another sitting area in the room.

  27. I would love to see you address footboard or no footboard. Also, bedskirts (dust ruffles). They are murder to get on and off for laundering; ironing is even worse and seems to me, they are…dusty. However, one needs a footboard in order to have the sideboard that makes it possible to do away with the bedskirt. As in all decorating, one thing often precludes another.

  28. Great post! And great question! I only like it though if the love seat is smaller than the bed, so the proportions of the furniture are correct, and the seat doesn’t encroach on the beautiful beds!!
    I must say – what I love the MOST are old chests and things like that at the end of beds – super old school and traditional – I swoon over them!!

  29. Great idea. In answer to your question, some of the examples work (mostly the ones that are the same width as the bed), and some just don’t.

  30. It’s strange – I LOVE the look in many of those pics but a few do not look right. I guess it depends on the bed, the bedding and the size of love seat. It’s another idea – whenever I get a master bedroom big enough to try it! :o)

  31. I love the last image, with the deep button sofa. I think it really needs to be a gorgeous/interesting piece. I don’t particularly like the images with an ordinary lounge room sofa.

    We have a huge bedroom and i’m deciding whether to put in a bed end bench or a settee. I’m still not convinced on which way to go though.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post. Even if it is just about love seats!

  32. i. love. this. I think it’s a great idea. I’m always searching for somewhere to put on my shoes in the AM or lay my clothing out. We could use the bed but the dog and cat would terrorize the clothing by the time we were out of the shower. Now the only issue is finding a bedroom big enough to do this layout in. It always makes for a classy foot board for a bed.

  33. I’m shocked that so many people hate the sofa idea, I love it! Of course, scale is important, but personally I like the idea of an oversized sofa in front of a bed, it’s a little bit unexpected. Even if the bedroom was small I think you could still use the sofa (as long as it actually fits nicely). The sofa can be a great way to designate a small sitting area, reading nook or anything for that matter. Love the pictures by the way!

  34. I go back and forth. To a large degree, I question the functionality, and the only thing I’ve ever seen that really answers that question is the picture you posted with a small round table and a chair there. It creates a place to sit up and read or work – almost like the answer to a bedroom office, with a lot of comfort and charm.

    Beyond that though, stick with a bench, imho.

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