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Cheap Floral Series


It seems to me that these floral prints would be from anywhere but Pottery Barn. The images look straight from etsy.

The series of six framed pieces is a steal at $149.00.

I’d love to see this series in a lavender bedroom…

via Martha Stewart

via Living Etc.
via Habitually Chic
via Amanda Nesbit
via Leotine Linens
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13 thoughts on “Cheap Floral Series

  1. What a smart match that would be! Love the lavender/black color combo of the artwork & walls ; – )

    And you're right – can't believe it's PB!

  2. Ha that’s so weird. I have a lavender bedroom with a purple quilt exactly like the one in the picture near the top. I should get those prints! :)

  3. That’s a stunning price – I actually went to the PotteryBarn website because I thought they were going to be only 3 inches high. Great find!

  4. Yes, you’re right! I’m really starting to love lavendar bedrooms and those prints would be a perfect accent. I’ll take the prints AND room #6 to put them in, please. Thanks!

  5. These prints are so pretty. I love the high contrast and sharp image of them. Makes it a little edgier than the vintagey/muted tone prints that I also love, but are a little different.. very cool find!

  6. When composed with a skilled eye, as with these images, lavender is lovely. Unfortunately it is one of those colors that could go all wrong quite easily I think. It is nice to see it done right.

    Tricia – Avolli

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