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Wing Chairs

Living Room

I bought a two vintage wing chairs off Craigslist recently for a great price. $50 for the pair.

Now I just need to decide if I should reupholster them in a fun, colorful fabric…

Or slipcover/upholster them in a white or cream linen or cotton duck…

Which would you do?

What did you think?
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59 thoughts on “Wing Chairs

  1. Just found your blog. Love it.

    Go for the bold fabric just cause I wanna see the finished product. So post pics!!!!!!!

    I just looked and found one for me on craigslist for $30!

  2. You can never go wrong with wing chairs. They are a classic everyone should have. If you have kids – do something that will withstand their little fingers. Fitted slipcovers are great. Especially white, so you can bleach them. I would probably upholster them as I think it’s more refined. I believe in neutral foundations when upholstering as you never get tired of it. I would do a rich camel or chocolate velvet or mohair as it’s really durable. Then add your color with the accent pillows. It’s much easier to switch pillows than an entire piece of furniture.

  3. Just found your site…LOVE that you posts SO many pics. Really helps with ideas. I think you should do the linen with the ruffles like the pic two above the wall of plates.

  4. I have no idea if this would work for your client. But. I used a set of closet folding doors (from Home Depot) and connected them with hinges. Then painted a night scene on the screen… moon, stars, etc. For a little girls room this was perfect. Maybe for a client you could add some molding and funky/cool wallpaper? Just an idea.

  5. I am new here. First of all, what an amazing blog..

    I am looking for a chair for a play area. Would love to see how your wing chairs turned out. what's the best way to find the post with the before and after pictures.

  6. I am new here so first of all – what an awesome blog!

    I am working on looking for a large chair for a play area. I would to see how the wing chairs turned out. What's the best way to look for the post for the before and after pictures?

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