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Hi friends,

The insanity that is my life has not yet subsided. Thanks for being patient with me and my lack of posts while I focus on packing up my house and finishing Boston-based design jobs before we move next Tuesday.

Here’s a little nugget of gold to tide you over…

Martha Stewart rugs on Overstock. A few hundo cheaper than Pottery Barn/C&B rugs ($365 for an 8×10), and prettier by a long shot. I can see almost any of these in my house. And some of these would be particularly amazing in a nursery setting.

Astronomy CometSunstripe

Bloomery Dogwood

Oat Pinwheel

Sunstripe Cinnamon

Bloomery Lilac

What did you think?
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20 thoughts on “Martha Stewart Rugs

  1. FYI to all — the image for the "Coment" rug is not even close to accurate. I think Overstock is actually showing the image for "Milky Way", a different color of that same rug.

    To view a more accurate color do a search on the Overstock site for "Comet" and you'll see a few other rugs that have a more creamy yellow background with gray foreground. That is more accurate in color.

  2. you were missed! Glad to see you're back. Wishing you luck and much patience for your move.

    The rugs are pretty too!

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