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Make an Ottoman From a Coffee Table, Part II


It wasn’t all that long ago that I made a tufted ottoman from a $25 Craigslist coffee table.

I never loved the velvet (it was just something I had already) and I couldn’t manage to get the tufts as deep as I wanted and that always bugged me.

So reupholstering the coffee-table-turned-ottoman was high on the priority list after moving.

I ended up bagging the tufting idea, and adding a few more layers of batting and foam for a more rounded effect. Another big change was I cut the legs down a few inches. I feel like this is a much more visually pleasing height.

I used a little of my vintage grosgrain ribbon to cover up the staples. I think these new corners turned out so much better!

What do you think of the results? I really happy with the colors of the new fabric with my sofa and pillows. And I’m so excited to show you guys the rest of the room. Most of the art went up today and the curtains will be finished later this week (wait ’til you see those – holy DRAMA!).
{P.S. the blue linen pillows are available at Crate&Barrel right now, in case some of you fellow peacock blue lovers are interested.}

What did you think?
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42 thoughts on “Make an Ottoman From a Coffee Table, Part II

  1. Beautiful! I like the second try much better as well!! Love that fabric!

    Where is your rug from?

  2. Wow, gorgeous! Love that you found a fabric you like that ties together all the colors in the room. Can't wait to see the rest of the reveal. PS. Sorry you had to leave Boston (we'll miss you!) but have fun in DE:)

  3. yeah i totally agree. the first one was almost like a trial run where you live w/ it for a while and ponder your next step.

    the new version is really a gorgeous piece! i like the extra batting, the print really brings it to life, and the shorter legs give it better visual balance. thanks for the great idea.

  4. Wow! I just went back and read your original ottoman post and I loved that one but this is gorgeous. Love the fabric, the extra fullness, and the shortened legs are perfect.

  5. I love it. Really love it.

    I do have one question (and not a criticism at all). Where do the kids color? Or do you have some other area for that? lol

  6. Loving this version much better. I'm loving the fabric as well. Who makes it? I can't wait to see the room completed.

  7. It looks great. Wow!

    I have never reupholstered anything, but I am thinking about doing an ottoman. I don't really know what I'm doing, so I have very basic questions. Do you have to go with the upholstery fabrics? I was looking at some cotton sheets and really liked the pattern and wondered it was an option to use that fabric?

  8. I'm loving both of these projects. You make it look so simple and the results are so lovely that I think I'm off to check out craigslist!

  9. So lovely! Great print and colorway on the ottoman. And I have to say, I'm so impressed with your "just do it" attitude. I need to be less of a dreamer and act on more of my many ideas. Nice job!

  10. I honestly liked the first version better, because now it looks like a seat more than anything else. A very low one at that. It's not unpretty, mind you, but I'm a sucker for tufting and so I would naturally stick with the first version. ;)

    The corners are really, really clean and pretty now, though. You did a fantastic job on them. <3

  11. What a great idea! I've been looking for an inexpensive way to recover a large ottoman with bold fabric. I've passed on several used ones because they were tufted, but now I can see those can be re-covered without the tufting. Love your work and your blog!

  12. Love Love Love it! My son is just about to start crawling so I have been trying to come up with a way to "soften all corners"! Where oh where can I find that fabulous bright fabric?!

  13. I am making this tonight out of an end table that looks very similar to the old coffee table version, except it was forest green…so glad I found your blog!

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