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On Sewing Pinch-Pleated Curtains…


Thanks for all the great feedback on my new curtains! I love all the support that I get from blogging! I was a little nervous about trying to make pinch-pleat drapes by myself, but I wasn’t about to scrounge up the cash right now to pay a seamstress for the job. And surprisingly, the project was FUN! And I learned a lot about sewing. Honestly, I think I’ll probably make my own drapes from here on out. The first panel took about three hours start to finish, but the second took less than an hour! Why pay someone $150/panel for labor when I can do the work myself?

Pleated 2

Here are the details:

1. The hardware was a Target clearance aisle buy. I did my best to cover up the ‘Tuscan’ look (below) with black spray paint and I’m happy with the hardware, for the most part. It works.

2. The fabric is made by Braemore and was purchased at Zimmans. I haven’t looked online yet, but I’m sure it is available somewhere on the interwebs. The stripes are 6.75″ wide, if that helps.

You can see the vertically striped fabric rolled up here in this before picture. I just love a good before shot! :)

I really wanted horizontal (railroaded) stripes because I think that often vertical stripes get lost in a pleated drape (which I also wanted). I searched high and low for horizontal, thick (at least 6″) stripes in a black and white pattern, but no luck. The Braemore fabric I decided to go with runs on the vertical, like most stripes. So I ended up cutting 54″ lengths of the fabric and sewing two pieces together to get one 108″ long piece of fabric with horizontal stripes.

After piecing together the vertical striped fabric to make railroaded stripes.

I was worried about the seam being super obvious – but it’s really not. I have to inspect the drape with my hand to figure out where the seam is. The trick is to press the fabric really well and to line the drape.

3. I’m not going to give a full tutorial on making pleated curtains for you guys, because there are tutorials all over the web. I will say that I learned how to do a blind hem stitch and I used this pleating tape and these 4-prong pleating hooks to get my pleats perfect. I am so, so happy with the way my pleats turned out. They were easy and look very professional, thanks to the tape and hooks.

Pleated 1

Hope that answers most of the questions. Let me know if I missed anything and I’ll answer in the comments section.


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33 thoughts on “On Sewing Pinch-Pleated Curtains…

  1. Jenny! I am just in AWE!!! I tried (with the help of my mom) to sew a measly little shower curtain for my aunt's bath redo, and had to give up, and hand over to a seamstress – thank goodness she didn't charge for it!

    You should be so proud – they (and the whole room) look simply fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing the project!

    P.S. – Check your email from something from me! ;)

  2. I love the striped effect–nice and bold!

    However, I think the proportions may be a little off. Either the bookcases need to move closer to the window, or you should sew a second set of panels to bridge the gap between bookcase and window. Use a longer rod and push the panels to the very inner edge of the frame.

  3. Wow. Just wow. They look so professional. Seriously great job!

    This gives me hope – my mom comes in a few weeks and we're making drapes for our place, I hope they turn out HALF as good as yours!

  4. I'm really impressed that you have such a great looking living room after only being there such a short time! It looks beautiful, and you did a great job!

  5. Are you kidding me! This woman (you, Jenny) is amazing! If I didn't enjoy reading your posts so much, I do not think I would like you! You might just be too perfect to be likable…I'll decide later ;-)


  6. I love, love, love those drapes.

    And you're giving me ideas as to what to do with all my musty old casebooks! Initially I had a PTSD HLS flashback, but I have to admit they look pretty good.

  7. Wow!! Looking good! IYou never cease to amaze. I love the look of your living room. The horizontal stripes add so much to the space. I can't believe you made those drapes. They definitely look pro. I can't wait to see more and more!

  8. Absolutely fabulous job! I am so impressed with the way you took the vertical stripe and turned it sideways! Makes me want to look at striped fabric in a whole new way….

  9. I think the rod is a wee bit crooked. Just slightly lower on the right side? Slightly?

    Other than that, I love it. Super bold. :)

  10. Wow, the curtains are fantastic, and you've just inspired me to start on some super long curtains for my bedroom. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

  11. Hi,
    I've always loved the horizontal stripe, but never could find horizontal stripes of fabric either. I wondered how it would look seamed. You've answered my question, yours look beautiful!!!You've given me new hope and inspiration…so glad I came across your blog!!!
    I've tried to locate wide striped fabric but no luck. :( Well. I did find one place but it is very expensive.I'll keep searching…

  12. can you share your source for the horizontal fabric? I have been searching everywhere?!!! thanks :)

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