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Other Uses of Crewel?

Why Don't You

I’m so happy with the crewel fabric on my newly reupholstered ottoman, it has me thinking about other places to use the beautiful embroidery. I’m loving the texture it adds to a room…

How about on DIY shades?

via the Natural Curtain Co

Or as a bedspread?

via Domino

Maybe on an upholstered headboard?

via Domino

Here are some great crewel fabric options available on eBay –

vintage yellow

floral bedspread

black floral

Schumacher table cloth

floral trellis

What did you think?
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10 thoughts on “Other Uses of Crewel?

  1. I was lucky enough last year to get a box in the mail from an old friend, 30 yards of vintage crewel. Took my breath away. I had them made into drape for my dinning room. There are spots of age, but that is okay. I love them.

  2. Hello, I also love crewel. Just one question. I have a beautiful crewel bedspread and it does not touch the floor. I need a bedskirt. It has all differet colors in the crewel(flowers). What fabric type would be correct to have for the bedskirt? Thanks in advance. 14Angie

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