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Do you guys know about High Street Market? Kelly sells awesome vintage wares in her etsy shop, including this amazing poster from WWI.

(I’m a nerd and) I wanted to know more about the history of the poster, so I googled “to-day buy that liberty bond” and, while I still don’t know much about Liberty bonds, the first hit was a jackpot.

All sorts of vintage poster reproductions available here. They are super cheap and available in all different sizes. You can even get free shipping if you spend more than $20.

There are too many beautiful images to post (some especially fun ones for a play room or nursery), but the travel posters really caught my eye.




Wouldn’t it be awesome to put them together in a long hallway?

If you are looking for some unique and inexpensive art, have fun perusing. Give yourself an hour or two – there’s lots! And don’t forget to check out High Street Market! Cheap is great, but vintage is better.

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14 thoughts on “Vintage Poster Prints

  1. Jenny! Thank you so much for posting about my shop!!! I couldn't believe that my shop made it to your awesome blog. By the way, I have a TON of new things that will be on the site this weekend. I am so excited about it. :) Thanks again!

  2. All of the art on that site is public just have to know where to find it! Dover books publishes a lot of these images on cd – you can buy about 250 images for only $25, and they come with high quality tiff files you can print out yourself!

  3. Ok – I just found your site 2 days ago and I am hooked! I was looking for roman shades and there you were. As I was scanning through your arcives, I found that you are from AZ – me too! I grew up in Gilbert – Highland High. I'm also LDS. We live in Idaho now and the craiglist listings aren't nearly as awesome as what you have over on the east coast. I'm going to keep looking though cause I am totally inspired – Thanks !

  4. I have about seven travel posters throughout my house (purchased from and none of them look as nice as these! I'll have to buy from this website from now on! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I love seeing your daily posts back on my reader! :) I found some really fun vintage posters in Switzerland a couple of months ago and have since begun collecting them everywhere we go. Once I collected my first, I began thinking that I wanted to collect one from every country/city we have traveled to and I'm glad to know I can find posters for the places I've been already but didn't buy posters! Thanks!

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