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29 thoughts on “Coralie Bickford-Smith Does It Again

  1. Agreed. They are beautiful. I would love to see them in action! Where/how do you have them displayed?

  2. Oh my I've got some of the first set of the collection, I bought all minus the Austens as I have another style of Austen box set, I'm in Australia is there an online store that distributes the new range and ships internationally?

    I love purty books :D Great quality too.

  3. I love these books. I was able to find all but two of the original ten. Jenny, where did you purchase the latest ten books?

  4. thank you, thank you for posting this! love your blog btw. just bought 3 of the books and am hoping next month i can keep adding on… and the next month, and the next… ;D

  5. Thanks for the post! Can you let us know where to find the latest set? I found the first set (at least most of it) on Amazon for preorder. But no luck finding these new beauties… Thanks!

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