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  1. Okay Jennica- I have been dreaming of an awesome chair (or two) like this in my living room, but I can't find anything, anywhere! I am 'this close' to buying something off craigslist and reupholstering it. Am I getting in way over my head? How hard is it really? I'm sorta handy with a sewing machine (have made my own pillows, curtains, bags) but this seems like it might be biting off a lot… any suggestions? Types of chairs that are easier to work with? Fabrics? Tutorials?

  2. @Bonnie – Here is a youtube video of someone reupholstering a chair: That should give you an idea of what is involved. This video shows some steps in more detail and some less: I would suggest you look for a friend who has done it before and have them help. Even by yourself, though… you can probably handle it if you are determined and methodical. It's not terribly hard, but it is one of those projects that you can easily get fed up with and never finish.

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