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Mom’s Dining Room

Dining Room

My mom decided to update her dining room while we were working on her living room.

I didn’t think she would go for it at first, but mom was so excited about the idea of wallpapering the room! She even went with my first choice, a very affordable knock-off of Osborne and Little’s Asuka paper (available at American Blinds).

To save the labor costs, my mom hung the paper herself! Isn’t she amazing? I think she did a great job.

My grandpa, who passed away earlier this year, made the corner hutch, so it has a special place in all our hearts. To update it a little though, my mom added some moulding trim and we painted the body of the hutch a creamy white (‘Macaroni’ by Martha Stewart for Valspar). The backs of the shelves were given a couple coats of a shimmery color called “Ambassador Sterling” from Ralph Lauren’s Regent Metallic paint line.

The white lacquer mirror was a steal at HomeGoods.

The drapes are the unbleached ‘Aina’ linen panels from IKEA. The sheers are seriously adorable and crazy cheap- the ‘Matilda’ panels, also from IKEA.

The vintage pineapple chandelier was a very affordable eBay find.

We’re lacking a rug and some finishing details. We could really use some crown moulding and we might paint the ceiling the Ralph Lauren “Ambassador Sterling” color, which is a dead ringer for the silvery gold color of the leaves in the wallpaper. We’re both happy with the progress in the room though.

What did you think?
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48 thoughts on “Mom’s Dining Room

  1. It looks so pretty! I love that pattern…thought it looked familiar! It's a good copy! The contrast of the walls & airy drapery with the deep rich floors & table chairs is perfect. My mama and gram were always so talented at hanging paper…I sure didn't get any of that!
    Great work, ladies! I'm impressed!

  2. This room is fabulous! What a wonderful job you did. So happy your mother was into the wallpaper. I'm sure she's happy with the results!

  3. I have a drapes question: Where do you put them? At the top of the window or closer to the ceiling. I can't tell what you have done in your pictures, but I am so curious. The top placement dilema has kept me from updating my own windows! help.

  4. This looks amazing! I love how it's fun and youthful but still very traditional. LOVE the chandelier, and great wallpaper choice! The ceiling in the metallic color would be so dramatic and make it more "cozy" – can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE-IT!! It looks terrific, nothing else would have looked as good. I think my mom is ready for a fresh new look, I can imagine how good this makes your mom feel.

  6. Beautiful room! I love the chandelier and your mom did an amazing job with the pretty wallpaper!

    Question about the Aina curtains: with the lights on at night, are the curtains very sheer (can neighbors see in)? I'm thinking of getting these to replace our current living room curtains but am worried about privacy. Thanks!

  7. You both did a fabulous job! That paper is gorgeous and I can't believe she hung it by herself. Love the hutch too…it's nice to have such special pieces like that in our homes.

  8. Wow! Gorgeous, Jenny! I love that you suggested and your mom went for the wallpaper!! I love the pattern, how there's not alot of contrast and its slightly metallic…so pretty. I think the ceiling would look fabulous painted. Love those dark floors too:)

  9. this is sooo cute! great job team! what is your suggestion for wanting to lacquer furniture, but don't want to pay the hefty price? we are hurting to find inexpensive labor in CA, so i didn't know if you have done a 'diy' application. perhaps renting the spray machine? keep up the great blog!!

  10. It looks amazing! While I was scrolling down the post, I kept thinknking, they should paint the ceiling, they should paint the ceiling… And I got my answer at the bottom. I think it'll really tie the room together, it's just SO beautiful! You've done an amazing job!! :D :D

  11. What a wonderful job, it looks so warm and inviting. It really does look like something from a magazine, all you need now is a few dinner guests. LOL

  12. So…can I comment on the wallpaper now? hehehe This is probably the most beautiful wallpapered room I've ever seen. LOVE it! And love the corner cabinet and love the clock.

  13. Thank you. Thank you very much. Now I want to redo my ENTIRE HOUSE thanks to your inspiration. Now, if you would also chip in on the cost, my world would be perfect! :)

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  16. Can anyone provide a direct link or a style number for this wallpaper? I cant seem to find it after sifting through both Sherwin Williams and American Blinds. Im hoping to find it in the neutral colorway. Thanks!

  17. Do you have the name or a different link to the wallpaper. The one provided just goes to the american blinds website and I cant seem to find the wallpaper anywhere. Thanks

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