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I’m 99% sure that P. Kauffman makes this gorg trellis linen. I am OBSESSED. I want to use it for a project ASAP, but can’t seem to find it online anywhere other than at L&S (and I can’t pay $25+ per yard since I need so much).

The style name is ‘Fioretto’ and the color I need is ‘Graphite’.

Have you seen this fabric?

What did you think?
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  1. Fabric Guru has a ton of P Kauffman although I did not see Fioretto, they may get it. Any chance you have seen that great Braemore striped fabric in a brown and white? I can only find it in taupe.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    This is an open stock fabric, which means several trade fabric companies carry it. I know that Duralee does, for sure. Let me know if you want me to price it for you… how many yards do you need?

  3. I have seen it (or something that looks exactly like it) on some very expensive pillows in a local shop. It is so pretty, and I have wanted to buy it from L&S several times, but $25/yard is at the top of my usual fabric budget.

    I googled the name of some p.kauffman fabric I needed recently, and found it for about $5 less per yard than I could get it locally. Good luck!

  4. Dear Jenny and friends,
    FYI, Calico Corners is in the process of adding FIORETTO in color Sprout to its inventory. The yardage is on order–and while it won't be online for some time, it will be available by calling tollfree (800) 213-6366. Calico's price is a little higher than those stocking it, however, there are frequent sales that bring the retail close to the other prices noted here. Happy decorating!

  5. Recently, I stopped by Fabric Outlet (NAYY) in Clarksville, TN. As far as I know, most of their selections (upholstery and drapery fabrics) are discounted. It might be worth your while to give them a call.

    Here's the contact info:
    211 Holiday Dr
    Clarksville, TN 37040-5013
    (931) 553-8324

    My daughter currently lives in this city, and I regret that I only recently stopped by just before my husband and I made our way home after a visit. Good luck to you.

  6. Check out Mary Jo's Fabrics. I didn't see it online, but they carry P. Kaufmann so they might be able to help you over the phone. And they have great prices!

  7. Thanks for all the leads, everyone! I'll let you know what I discover.

    Blue Hydrangea – I've seen the Braemore stripe in taupe, black, pink, and blue, but not brown so far. I'll definitely let you know if I see anything though!


  8. that is crazy, I just blogged about that yesterday. It is on P. Tree Textiles/www.getyourfabric.com. Still expensive though, about $28. Maybe will go on sale or you could find a coupon code for the site?

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