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Busy Weekend

Kids Room

Hi friends!! I hope you had a great long weekend!

There was no beach-going for us (though we did make it to a picnic on Monday). We spent most of the weekend here at the house, crossing off long-standing ‘to do list’ items.

Can you guess what the biggest project of all was?? Here’s a hint…

Yup, we tackled the girls’ room (finally). It was a sore sight to be seen on Friday afternoon and today it’s looking pretty adorable. The best part is I spent almost no money – I did all the “shopping” for the room in my basement. I’m feeling so industrial lately!

The finishing touches are happening today in my down time and I can’t wait to share some of the photos with you this week!

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20 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. Can I come shopping in your basement, too? I love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration. Can't wait to see this new project.

  2. AWESOME collection of images, Jenny! These are terrific… I can't wait to see the finished product! And, shopping in your basement is even more interesting… Your girls are so lucky!

  3. Can't wait to see the girl's rooms. I love all these photos. Still not sure what to do for my little girl. Luckily, she won't be here for another 3 months or so. I still have time to study your blog some more!

  4. Thanks for putting all of these inspiring photos in one place! I have two kids' rooms that need pairs of twin beds and I know that one of these photos (or the ones of your project) will move me to get on with it. Love your work!

  5. i'm reading through these after i've seen what you've done with the girls' room & i am so impressed. my favorite kinds of blogs to read are when people have great design ideas, do it themselves and do it without breaking the bank – so perhaps needless to say – i love your blog & think the girls rooms are ADORABLE!

    happy blogging!
    jen from lexington

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