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Comcast came this afternoon (hallelujah). While a week and a half without internet was horrible, I must admit that there were some very nice aspects of not being “connected” all the time.

On Saturday I drove up to Philadelphia to meet up with a client for some shopping. We had great luck at a tiny little flea market called the Golden Nugget in Bucks County. Later we stopped by Stable Tables to place an order for a custom farm house style dining table made from reclaimed barn wood. (so excited about this!)

At one point in the trip we swung into a little antique shop in Flourtown, PA. There was a completely stunning white trellis folding screen that jumped out at both me and my client. Unfortunately it wasn’t for sale, but since then the idea of using a folding screen won’t seem to get out of my mind!

Here are a few inspiration images that I’ve had saved forever (and, as always, I love getting help from readers with the image credits for the many unknown sources).

I really love the dimension a folding screen brings to a space…

via Domino

Jonathan Adler screen via Mrs Blanding’s Blog




Nuevo Estilo

My House

Munge Leung

via Domino

Fiona Weeks

Eric Piasecki

via Domino
Source Unknown – isn’t this a cool idea for hiding the tv??
Cottage Living

There are lots of beautiful options out there, if any of you are in the market.

I love Ballard’s ($349) upholstered divider. I wish it had more panels and wasn’t so pricey. The nailhead detail makes me so happy though…

Craigslist never lets me down. This $100 screen on Phili’s CL would look great with some new fabric and a coat of glossy paint…

And some paint on this eBay screen ($128, includes shipping) would make all the difference. Love the little quatrefoil design!

This screen ($320 on eBay) looks like it came straight from Pieces.

And, of course, there’s always the DIY route! This Old House has instructions (complete with a video) for making your own folding screen posted here.

What did you think?
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22 thoughts on “Folding Screens

  1. Glad to hear you are back online! We missed you!

    That farmhouse table from reclaimed wood sounds really cool. I grew up in Bucks County, I love it down there in Pa:)

  2. I love that yellow trellis! Love, love, love! I recently moved around my furniture in my front room and ended putting a folding screen to block the view from the table to the back of my armoire. It's spiffy!

  3. I have no idea if this would work for your client. But. I used a set of closet folding doors (from Home Depot) and connected them with hinges. Then painted a night scene on the screen… moon, stars, etc. For a little girls room this was perfect. Maybe for a client you could add some molding and funky/cool wallpaper? Just an idea.

  4. Lovely! We use our screens to hide things, but now I'd like to try using them more for decorations. (And the reclaimed wood tables are divine.)

  5. Oh wow I am in love with the last ebay pick. Good heavens! It's the happiest thing ever!
    And we had to leave my favorite screens behind in our last move(a matched set, found for FREE in the dumpster). Heartbreaking!

  6. Wow both those eBay screens are gorgeous! I really have no idea where I'd put them but I'm sure I'd find a great spot…so tempted.

  7. That is a really great idea to cover up the TV with folding screens. I never would have thought of that. Those finds on eBay are great, and so is that mirrored folding screen!
    I have an unrelated request. I'd love to see your fallish decorating ideas, if you have any.

  8. You have some great pictures of screens used in ways I would never even think of! I work for an interior design firm in San Francisco and we had some huge screens made for our "Breakfast at Tiffany's" table at last years Dining by Design. Since I painted every single one-and gilded them too!-I was happy that instead of just using them for the DBD event, we ended up putting them in the office to cover the not-so-cute-areas (like printer, fax machine and endless fabric!)

    you can see our DBD table here…

  9. I'm kicking myself right now. I saw 4 plantation shutters on the SIDE OF THE ROAD. I couldn't stop because I was already late for an appointment. When I came back, they were gone. I so could have used them to make the tv coverup. Really disappointed now!

  10. Okay, that farmhouse table is gorgeous! It's exactly the style I was looking for when I was out looking for tables. I settled for something a little bit different, but someday I'm gonna have a table like that!

    P.S. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it. Thanks!

  11. hey- just to let you know, those black screens with white floral on it in a dining room is Ralph Lauren (mayfair collection). I LOVE IT! Your blog is great! Keep it coming!

  12. Seriously, are those the original chairs in that crazy funky fabric?? Awesome! If they're going in a living area, I would cover them in a colorful fabric and pair them with a sofa in a coordinating neutal with little to no pattern. THEN if you get bored with the fabric later, you can also just pull a slip cover over them, but there are so many fab fabrics out there, I'd just be dying for an excuse to use soem of them!

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