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Hardware Obsession


I completely fell in love with this credenza posted a few weeks ago on Design*Sponge. I love the blue painted finish, but I really LOVE the amazing brass hardware. The image was filed away in my brain for future reference…

Every Tuesday and Friday here in Dover, there is a flea market called Spence’s. It’s a lot of junk – plastic knock off handbags and shady toiletries aplenty – but there is a healthy vintage/antiques section. Every time I go to Spence’s I’ve picked up one or two fun knick-knacks for around a buck each. Then we hit up the Amish food market for beautiful fresh produce and out-of-this-world baked goods. It’s been a fun weekly thing for our family.

Most of the flea market area is full of smaller stuff, but there is a tiny furniture section that’s never really tempted me before. Today though, I spied this guy under a pile of old table linens…
Hmm. Looks very familiar…

$40 later and he was mine.

So exciting, right? A couple coats of glossy oil-based paint and a little Bar Keeper’s Friend on the hardware will do wonders here. The plan is to put it in my office to hide my fax machine and giant printer/scanner. Can’t wait to show you the ‘after’ pictures!

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43 thoughts on “Hardware Obsession

  1. I m very jealous of you folks in the US. Every blog I read the person is off to a flea/junk market. It just doesn't happen in the UK. It used to but now everyone is wised up.We just have occasional auctions, Shops that get real junk, slap Farrow & Ball paint on & charge whopping prices ,and Car boot sales (these tend to attract traders rather than householders). I feel like I'm getting my 'fix' when I read the american blogs but I am REEEEEEAAAALLLYYY jealous! ZoeB

  2. Um, pretty sure that is the exact same credenza!! Just the drawers are switched around in order.

    You are SO lucky!!!! I love your blog so much…


  3. My favorite and my best (Jenny, right?) – I WISH I knew that paint color. It is so, so pretty. I bet if you were really interested though, you could email Grace at Design*Sponge and she would put you in contact with the dresser owners.

    Gabi – I know! Looking closely at the d*s dresser and mine, I'm 99% sure they are from the same line/furniture co. I'm so excited to clean up the hardware if the result will be something like that!!

    ZoeB – Are you kidding me? You live in EUROPE!! There have got to be some fantastic flea markets somewhere near you! If you ever take a field trip to Brussels, check out the Jeu de Balle. Cheap and amazing!! It's open every day but Monday, I think.

  4. LOVE it! and for 40 dollars who could pass that diamond in the rough up?? I am SO jealous! Your inspiration picture is wonderful! Can't wait to see your version!

  5. Jenny,

    I love it! I've been on the hunt for something very similar for my office! I was out searching for it yesterday, but came home empty handed.

    Great, great, find for $40!

    I think I'm going to Delaware in 2 weeks to visit my SIL at the University of Delaware. Are you near there we should meet up!

  6. What luck! I love the trim on the credenza, especially.

    I'm usually a lurker, but I wanted to finally comment and say how much I enjoy your blog and all the creative projects that you do. You've given me a lot of inspiration. Thanks!

  7. Hi! Do you think that when you start the painting process – you could do a step by step blog post? i really want to learn how to paint a few pieces of furniture – especially when it comes to sanding, or if it needs it, or if it needs to be primed… Thanks!!!!!

  8. Bar keepers friend is the best stuff on earth, I didnt know you could use it on hardware like that?!? You just made my day, I'll be cleaning dirty hardware forever now :)

  9. such a lucky find! I was inspired by that same piece and am looking for a project of my own. It's nice to see brass getting a little love too. I love brass and decided to buck the antique nickle trend and get brass drapery rods and finials, etc. It makes everything look a bit more regal in my opinion.

  10. Jenny,
    Wow that is a really close match, very excited to see what you do with it. I enjoyed ZoeB's comment about slapping the F&B paint on and marking things up. They do that here though, but there is a lot of junk to be had here in the U.S and A.

  11. Beautiful!
    Would you post your 'in the process' pics? I would love to know how to paint furniture in a way where it would be long lasting…the primer…the paint, etc! Thanks and can't wait to see what it turns into:)

  12. what a great credenza. i'm jealous! we just moved into a 1920s-style house in new jersey and have soo much furniture and stuff to fill it. i'm wondering how you find good flea markets. do you just try out everyone or is there a secret way to weed through?

  13. I've never posted before but I've been a follower of your blog for sometime. I saw your daughters windows on Apartment Therapy today and just wanted to say congrats!

  14. I'm so thankful to a dear friend of mine for turning me onto your blog. I have the same problem as ZoeB. The flea markets here are filled with just that…fleas and junk. I've tried them all but never seem to find those jewels like so many other people do in different parts of this country! *sigh*

  15. like ZoeB i am so jealous of u location wise, though i actually thought the UK has a lot of vintage stores and flea markets…? Well im in sunny South Africa, and there's none, or i'm just not looking in the right places!
    Thanks for sharing, i love to experience through you guys!

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