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The Question of the Week Is…


How did people get ANYTHING done before the internet?!??

We are still offline at my house and will be through next Monday if you can believe it. {Comcast is ridiculous sometimes}

In better news,

Little Green Notebook was on the Washington Post BlogWatch again today (so fun!)

And this cute little (well, big) French poster arrived in the mail and made its way upstairs into my girls room. It’s absolutely adorable in there – the colors are perfect.

I fell in love with it after seeing in a house tour on Cookie

image via Cookie Magazine

Also I’ve been starting on our dining room in my no-internet-so-I-can’t-do-client-work down time. Lots of fun projects to share with that, so I promise that your patience with all the radio silence around here will be greatly rewarded.

See you Monday night.

PS Thank you for all the extremely kind comments on my girls room redo! I’m going back now to try and answer your questions in the comments section. Please comment again if I missed yours. Thanks!

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21 thoughts on “The Question of the Week Is…

  1. I'm totally obsessing over that french poster. Congrats on being mentioned by the Washington Post, you're so talented.

  2. I love your work! You have become a place I look forward to checking on each day. Thanks for sharing your talents. I have copied many of your ideas in my own house!

  3. saw that on cookie as well and was deciding if i should purchase although i have no official spot in mind yet. but i just think it is so cute. can't wait to see it in your girls' room.

  4. Absolutely love this poster. I've been looking for a little colorful something for my daughter's wall and this is just the thing!

    Thanks for the tip and congrats on the Washington Post mention!

  5. Congrats on the mention in the Washington Post! Very well-deserved!
    Hope you've gotten your internet up and running!

    Quick question… is the fabric detail/background that is in your blog header the Chaing Mai Dragon?? I keep staring at it and love the colors.


  6. oooh what a great poster! I'm a big fan of vintage posters (WPA and WWII mostly)- just ordered some small prints I discovered- they're popping up everywhere all of a sudden!

  7. I think they may have gotten MORE done before the internet (ie, world's greatest procrastination device). :)

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