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Sneak Peek: Office


My office went from nothing to something special in about 5 hours yesterday. Total dollars spent = $45, and 40 of that was for this behemoth

I have to run off now to a furniture auction I just heard about called Dixon’s in Crumpton, MD. It’s supposed to be amazing. But please come back tomorrow for the full recap on my office face lift…

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34 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Office

  1. please tell us: spray paint or brushed? I need the exact color you used for a table in my son's room!

  2. The credenza looks stunning! Love the color. I will totally use the corkboard idea. It's a really fun way to dress up boring old corkboards! Thanks!

  3. Looking at your blog is soooo inspirational. I am addicted to trying all of your DIYs. You have such a keen sense of lasting style.I bought a buffet to repaint and set our tv on in our den. I have sanded, primed, painted, and now I am using poly wipe-on. My question is do I need to sand between poly coats?

  4. Hi! I am a new follower of your blog and I LOVE it! I do have a quick question about your spray grip used on your credenza though…I'm thinking about using one for some cabinets I need to paint. There are ALOT so I will not get them done in a day's work. Can you clean the spray grips?? If Thanks!!

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