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Children's Tables


I’m helping a friend decorate her new house and she is looking for a kid’s table to go with these chairs from Conran.

She wants something similar to my kiddie table, that doesn’t look too juvenile. I got ours at Home Goods about six months ago:

I love that it’s solid wood and sort of a farmhouse style.

This one from PBK is beautiful, but it’s pretty expensive even on sale at $299.

I think that a taller (at least 18″ high) coffee or side table can make for a great kid’s table. And they’re always so cheap at yard sales and on craigslist.

Here are a couple from my friend’s craigslist that we’re considering. It’s fun to think outside the box with these. A little paint would go a long way in making these look more kid-appropriate. Sunshine yellow! Fire engine red! Leaf green!

The IKEA Lack side table also works great as a kid’s table. It is crazy cheap ($7.99), comes in a lot of colors, and is a great size especially for smaller spaces.
Do any of you readers have a good secret source for inexpensive but great kid’s tables?

What did you think?
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  1. I can't believe the Ikea table is only 7.99, that's crazy! From the craigs list selection, I like the second to last one. he others are too much like coffee tables.

  2. I don't have children, so I don't typically look for children's furniture. I do love the second and last option from craigslist. I think a fun, bright color would be beautiful with the simple chairs.

  3. Our daughter actually has the pale blue lack table from IKEA, and she loves it. It's easy to move around as well! I do LOVE the round coffee tables you showed from craigslist though, they'll look fabulous once you paint them!

  4. i love the idea of one of those not traditionally used for kid's tables tables, an painted a bright color. i will say that the lack table even at 8 bucks is not worth the money, ESPECIALLY for a kids table. it is a piece of shit. not durable at all and scratches from anything. even a fingernail. i think getting a well constructed piece is the best way to go that way replacing it won't become an issue unless someone smashes it with a hammer.
    also the laminate peels fairly quickly on the lack.

  5. It took me forever to find a kids table, like forever! Then I found the same one as you at Homesense. I often say that it is the best $ I have ever spent. I wish that I had of thought of using a side table. I am creating a craft area and have found a small kitchen table to cute down. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. is it wrong to want kids to decorate for them?

    just kidding but those tables are adorable! i think any of those craiglist tables would be great. you could even paint them a fun color. each has a different style, i guess you'd have to choose based off what's already in the room huh?

    ps – my favorite & my best's comment is really funny. i'm glad she let us know about the table so i don't waste my $$! Thanks girl!


  7. I love the idea of a round table…when my sister and I were little we had one…back then everything was pink….my whole play kitchen was pink….

    Kathy :)

    ps love the post from my fave and my be…she tells it like she sees it !!! LOL

  8. Did your kids table come with those chairs? (I'm assuming you did the painting yourself) or did you buy them separate? If so, where?

    I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE your blog!!!

  9. We have a white version of the little table from IKEA. It's perfect for little bodies & it's so cheap (which means it doesn't matter much if it gets a little worn). The legs on ours needed to be retightened often, though, which I did not like. I would try to find something with more stability for your client :D

  10. My sister in law has mad a couple of darling kids' tables by buying regular height tables from thrift stores/craigslist and then cutting down the legs.

  11. Heads up Jennica, In my experience, the IKEA LACK table only works for a couple of years. It's just not the right height for any kids older than toddler years. It does make for good extra kid seating though, when upholstered on top.

  12. We have a red lack table as a childs table in our basement family/playroom. It's actually also acting as a side table. It's the prefect size for my 2 toddlers and I'm not worried about it getting a little dirty or scratched (although it's actually been holding up really well) since I can replace it for $7!

  13. Pleeease do not paint that Duncan Phyfe table (the first photo from your friend's craigslist) if you & your friend decide to buy it. As fond as I am of bright & cheerful colors for children's things, it just seems criminal to think of putting paint, of any color, on that table. I much prefer the way you did your own children's area: a traditional wood table & bright colored chairs.


  14. you can always take a full size table and cut the legs down. that's what we did with our old kitchen table. cut the legs down and now it's in the playroom!

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