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Girls Names


Hi friends,

How was your weekend? I’m starting to feel better and was able to get some progress done on my dining room.

I was talking to one of my girlfriends on the phone yesterday while I was painting my china hutch. I was telling (well, complaining to) her about how hard it is for me to sleep at night lately, no matter how tired I am. I shared that I’m a little stressed out about how fast this pregnancy is going by. I’m in the third trimester already, I don’t feel prepared for her arrival and we definitely have not decided on a name yet. And to be honest, since this is our third daughter, I’m a little tapped out on girls names.

I saw this post on Sugar City Journal, and I was inspired to ask my stylish readers for their input. What are your favorite girls names? To give you a sense of our style, our favorites right now are

Annelise (or maybe just Elise?)

ALSO: does anyone know where I can get this exact bookcase? It needs to be wall-mounted.

What did you think?
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  1. I know at least 5 little Lillies under the age of 2 (Lillie/Lillian). So many in the interest of uniqueness….Love all of the other ones. Margot is high on our list, and Vivian is just lovely. I tried that nymbler suggested by a few folks and just saw "Bette". French-pronunciation or English-pronunciation, it's rather fun!

  2. I love this topic! My daughters are Madeline Quincy & Abigail Amelia (middle names are both family names). If I had another girl I would go with Eleanor or Louise.

    Love your blog, you are very inspiring! (plus our desk are the same color)

  3. LOVE that bookcase! My girlfriend has one for her older son and we are having her uncle make us each one using the PB Kids one as a template.

    I have three little boys but Elise Joy was always on my list, if I had a girl! I also love the name Lila.

    Your blog is great! Thanks for all the fun tips!

  4. hey lovely lady! how are you? i'm not sure if i've congratulated you on your pregnancy yet or not, but congrats! another girl, so much fun! you're girls are so darling it's good that you're creating another :) i think the name eloise goes well with your two beauties and then you can call her lulu if you like it. it was a name on my girls list, along with ginger and willow. alas, we're having another boy :) so i'm facing the same challenge…what name in all this world can compete with atticus? i hope you are feeling well. i've been loving following all your beauitful decorating and wish i had a magical basement i could "shop" in too! and the red credenza – breath taking!

  5. I also love your blog and check it often. I love very unique and different names. But I also love the name Amilia, Emma or Emily, but I would spell it Emmaleigh. But my daughters name is Haylee, which I love and it fits her perfectly. Good luck finding a name. I know how you feel about not being ready for another baby to arrive. I had my 4th this summer while my husband was in Iraq, and I was beyond stressed and not ready for the baby to get here. But as you get closer things fall into place and the stress will subside. So just try to breathe, relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Because when she gets here, the games begin.

  6. Caera (keera)- means friend
    Adeleine (Addy)
    Ainsley – means brilliance
    Teagan – means beautiful
    Elinor (both Ellie)
    Maeve (mave)- means cause of great joy
    Siobhan (shevahn)-means God is gracious

    I love names with good meanings!

  7. We're expecting our 3rd girl, too (due 3 days ago!!!) and we had the same problem. Actually we still don't know what the name will be, but runner up is Genevieve. I liked any name with a 'V' in it, and Genevieve made the cut (i think.) Also like Maeve, my husband likes Olivia.

  8. Oh my, both of my two daughters' names have been mentioned! First, Eloise, which I adore and hope won't become popular {she's 11}, and Lillian! We call our pumpkin Lily, though.

  9. So sorry to hear about your sleep problems. I started sleeping on the couch during my 3rd trimester since it helped with sleeping on my sides and also made feel like I was in a cacoon.
    Those are all beautiful names for girls but Annelise stood out the most. I had a great friend whose name is Annalisa – so beautiful.
    Best of luck figuring it all out.

  10. Ummm, I just wanted to tell you it makes me happy that you painted while pregnant. I can't tell you how much crap I've gotten for doing that! I always leave all the doors and windows open! yeesh! I lvoe your baby names! I especially love the names Delaney and Eisley. If we have a girl it'll be one of those. =) best wishes!

  11. My daughters' names are Josephine Elise and Adeline Charlie. Josephine or Adeline! Great names, excellent children!

  12. I too love your blog! My girls are nearly grown and it sounds like their names aren't quite what you're looking for but I'll share anyway-
    Anna Elisabeth and Margaret Grace, princess names according to their great aunt!

    How about Virginia, Finley, and I also love Charlotte!

    Best wishes on the pregnancy. . .

  13. Delurking to comment on some girl names. Since I have two boys and no girls, I'm constantly dreaming…
    My personal faves:
    Abigail (Abi)
    Gwenyth (Gweni)
    Ellie or Elle
    Mariana (the "an" sounds like "on" not "ann")

    My favorite from your list is Elise. When I was preggers with my first that was in the running if we had a girl.

  14. You've had so many comments that I hesitate to write – but as the Mother of FIVE little girls (10,8,5,5 and 1)I just had to! My advice is to chose a name with some kind of sentimental value. As my daughters are getting older they love to chat about where their names came from. BTW – my one year old was named by her big sisters. Our family theme song is 'We are family, I've got all my sisters with me' SO sweet!

  15. You have a Grace and a Claire, right? I think Lillian goes best with those. It fits in the trendy-yet-classic category like the other girls' names.

  16. I've been lurking about your blog for a short time now, love it. This post hit home with me, and the previous 120 some odd people! I am also in my third trimester (week 30) with a baby girl well, actually, two baby girls. They will make #2 and #3 for us. Hugo is their big brother at the perfect age of 3.5 and he is very excited for their arrival. I also feel a bit shocked at how quickly the time has passed. I just started to paint their nursery. I am crazy and have decided to sew their bedding and make their mobiles. Crazy I tell you. And very, very behind. We are naming the girls Marlo Amalia and Sabine Luvenia. I had liked the idea of Luisa and Hazel for awhile. They just didn't right for my two girls.

    Good luck!


  17. I'm sure you want my input on names too ….
    Elizabeth (Lizzie)

    I'm absolutely sure one of these is a winner :-))

  18. Hi Jenny…I miss you! I'm making some progress though. Glad to know you are feeling better. Love your office! Have you tried Land of Nod for a bookcase? Anyway, I love your names! Vivian (vivi) is so pretty (and Julia robert's name in pretty woman no less) so that's my fave from your list. I also love Violette, Ruby, Emmie, Katie, Callie, Gemma, Estee, Caroline, Madalynne, Summer (i know one and she is a cutie),and Pearl. Hope that helps…feel good xo, Lisa E.

  19. well, we have a cleo eve. if the twins had been girls instead of boys we would have gone with adeline, twyla, or elodie. i love your choices, the more old-fashioned the better, i say.

  20. I have a Josie Catherine. I'm done with choosing baby names, but I also love Sara and Amelia. I love that you are choosing traditional names.

  21. LOVE your blog!!

    Girl names are so fun! We have a daughter named Elliot Olivia (we call her Ellie)

    but I love:

    Adelle (can call her Elle)

    Have fun picking!! Congratulations!

  22. Love your blog…..Evalise is a beautiful name, a combo of a few on your list. My daughter (Phoebe) had a girl in her pre-k class with that name..I LOVED it! Congrats on your 3rd daughter..they're the best!

  23. I'm fairly new to your blog. Love it. Had to comment because I've had two boys and four of your names listed were at the top of our list. We also really loved Willa.

  24. Our daughter is named April. I also like Grace, which our 3rd child would have been named had he been a girl. I have a niece called Ruby, which is also a sweet name.
    BTW I love your credenza makeover, it has inspired me to be more game with painting furniture.

  25. I've read your blog daily for a few months and I didn't know you were expecting #3. I'm expecting girl #2 this February. Congratulations! I hope you find a wonderful name. (BTW, I'm not sleeping so well either.)

  26. My nieces are named Abigail and Amelia… they call the baby Mia for short. Classic but adorable! Good luck on your last few weeks Jenny!

  27. I like your name choices a lot actually…classic but not trendy.

    I've always loved the name Sophia (nickname Sophie) but alas it's gotten incredibly popular right now. Also love the name Olivia. Again, similarly popular.

    My own name (Averill) is really unique, and that's something I've always liked about it. I'd like to find something similarly different but with some history, (as my name is a family name and I'm not a fan of "made up" names).

    Good luck!

  28. Love all those names, when I was pregnant I was thinking if I were to have a girl I would name her Lillian Sue, Love that name! Love those old names that you don't hear anymore like Betty, Joan, Lucille, etc. ….btw, love your blog!

  29. Seems like we have very similar taste in names! Our shortlist included Vivienne and Annalise (or the Swiss version Hannali which I loved and my husband hated). There was also Lily, Ruby, Ava and Georgia. Our older daughter is Ella so all the names that end in "-elle" had to be excluded although there are so many that I love.
    We live in France and so you are required by law to choose a name and register the baby within 72 hours of the birth. We dithered over names the entire pregnancy and were literally sitting up at 2 am in the maternity clinic scanning baby name sites on a wifi connection that I had snagged trying to decide. We chose Ruby, told all the nursing staff who proceeded to MURDER the name, forcing us to change to Georgia as my husband was walking out the door to the city hall. The thing that I dreaded has happened- I am constantly calling her George as a nickname. Luckily for me, it doesn't happen in French.

  30. I am pregnant and if it's a girl her name is going to be Vivian Arlene. I've always loved the name Vivian and Arlene is after my grandmother.

  31. Longtime Lurker speaking up. My two cents:

    Tess or Tessa

    Those all seem to be romantic names in the same vein as what you are already thinking. I love love love Margot, though.

  32. I have a Rachel Helene.
    I thought I was having a
    Meredith Grace.
    Instead I got a
    Mitchell Reid.
    Boys are nice too:)

  33. Vivian and Margot are my favs. I like that the root of Vivian is "life" and I just think Margot is beautiful and matches your decorating taste :)

  34. Are you named out yet? My middle name is Claire and I always wanted a Claire Elizabeth. Alas, two boys, no girls. Now I'm campaigning for a granddaughter with either that name or the name Corinne, which I think is timeless and elegant.

  35. hi there- nothing like a wrapped up little pink thing to bring home from the hospital! i too have 3 little girls. baby names…helena, magnolia, camille i heart evelyn, i have an eve…oh, it's a sweet time- almost over! you're very inspiring! go mama!!

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