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Hi friends,

How was your weekend? I’m starting to feel better and was able to get some progress done on my dining room.

I was talking to one of my girlfriends on the phone yesterday while I was painting my china hutch. I was telling (well, complaining to) her about how hard it is for me to sleep at night lately, no matter how tired I am. I shared that I’m a little stressed out about how fast this pregnancy is going by. I’m in the third trimester already, I don’t feel prepared for her arrival and we definitely have not decided on a name yet. And to be honest, since this is our third daughter, I’m a little tapped out on girls names.

I saw this post on Sugar City Journal, and I was inspired to ask my stylish readers for their input. What are your favorite girls names? To give you a sense of our style, our favorites right now are

Annelise (or maybe just Elise?)

ALSO: does anyone know where I can get this exact bookcase? It needs to be wall-mounted.

What did you think?
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195 thoughts on “Girls Names

  1. Hello! Your names are so pretty. I love Ada, Mae, Eloise, Felicity, Darcy, Elinor, Marianne, Madeline, and Grace.

  2. Love Vivian and Margot… we just had a little girl in August and named her Charlee. Good luck with everything!

  3. I don't think you need anymore suggestions… WOW… but I am going to share my favorite girl names anyway. I can't help myself:

    Ruth (Ruthie)- our daughter's name
    Winifred (a family name would have been Winnie)
    Louise or Louisa
    and Mary with a maiden name is always lovely.

    How fun! I am new to your blog and love it.

  4. Hi Jenny,

    I have never written, but what better post to start than this one ;) I LOVE your blog, and I, too, am starting a third trimester and expecting our third girl.

    My favorite name on your list is Annalise, but I also like Lillian (Lilly) and Evalyn (my neighbor's girl is Evalyn, and they call her Eva–very sweet).

    We have Madeline Kate and Anna Claire, and this little girl will be Audrey. I am stuck on a middle name, but we have considered Audrey Caroline, Audrey Elise and Audrey Lynna. I just don't know! :)

  5. All of those names (except Annelise) sound like dames straight out of an old B&W movie. How about Marian, Rosamund, Marcella, Millicent, Cecelia or Helen?

    Love the blog!

  6. since your other two girls are named the same as my two i think you already have the best names! however, if i was going for another (which i am NOT) i would choose either:

    love Vivian as well. all will go great with your other girls names as well. good luck deciding.

    also saw this bookshelf on anothers blog–i think it was from a school supply company. sorry i can't remebered whose blog it was. if it hits me i will email you asap.

  7. Harlow, Ava, Mia, Ella, Elizabeth, Katherine, Katarina, Zoe, Chloe, Eden, Sophia, Alexandra, Alexia

  8. I had to finally post when I saw Laurie's comment…we too have three girls: Natalie, Audrey and Catherine. I loved Vivian when pg with our third, but hubby wasn't crazy about it. Then Brangelina had their Vivienne two weeks later and I was glad we didn't choose it! :)
    All of your names are beautiful. Good luck and congrats. I love your blog!

  9. We have an Evelyn Jane and a Molly Frances and I love their names. You have a great list going…you can't go wrong!

  10. I love the blog! My Grandma's name is Evelyn Mae–one of my top faves. I also love Ginny, Hattie and Nicole.

  11. Congrats on the pregnancy! I LOVE babies and am beyond thankful that I have tons of friends with tiny ones to satisfy my insatiable need for baby love. With that said, I begged my husband to name our baby girl Jimmie, after my father, with the middle name Katherine. He never gave in…hated the idea. So she's a Katherine Emma instead. Still not a bad choice in my opinion!

  12. I know this comment is a little late! But i just love your blog and definitely stalk it :] haha anyway, growing up i HATED my name..but now i have come to really love it…especially because it is an older name, but it's not used very often. Just plain Betsy…not short for Elizabeth…just Betsy :]

  13. my mom's name is Anelyse (same name on your list, just a different way to spell) … I'm crazy about the name. Her close friends and siblings call her "Lyse" (sounds like "leese") or even "Lysee" (sounds like "leesey").

    cute, but not super common. :)

  14. Sigh, baby naming is one of my most favorite things ever…and I stopped after two boys.

    Girl names were our favorites, of course. A daughter would have had my middle name (also my mother's): Janeece. I love all the names you have on your list. Our favorites include:

    Magali (French – we discovered it on the name tag of a worker at EPCOT, LOL)

    Good luck with your choice!

  15. We have three girls and they are Paige, Beatrice but we call her Bea, and Virginia Vivian but we call her Ginger. I love all of the names you have in mind but Annelise is so special. We have a dear dear friend with that name and she is just lovely! Good luck! I LOVE your blog and all of your wonderful ideas and projects!


  16. Margot is my favorite!
    I have a friend who has two girls with adorable names, Poppy and Beatrix. Pippa and Hazel are some other really popular ones over here in England. Good luck!

  17. I love the names you have so far! So I made sure to read everyone's names, so as not to give you a repeat, but I thought of Eden. Classic, but uncommon. It's my nieces name and I've never known another. I think it's darling! We're expecting our first little girl in February and even though we've had our name picked out FOREVER, I still love looking up new names!

  18. I adore the name

    Willow… but our last name is Fellows, so Willow Fellows is a bit of a tongue twister. I have two daughters, Sally and Libby. I like that people know what I am saying when I introduce them, not asking for the spelling to understand.

  19. I love little girl names! A few of my faves:

    Louise – my grandmother's name

    Good luck!!

  20. i love your blog. I have 5 daughters ( and 2 sons) so I know what you mean about names. The following are the names of our daughters (first and middle)
    charlotte elizabeth
    sophie andrea
    emma clare
    audrey alexandra
    olivia ann

  21. Hi! I'm not sure if you found the bookcase or not. I was looking for the same one for my son's nursery. My husband ended up making one from a couple different designs I found. It turned out great. It didn't take him long either. The one from the MS website was our primary template.

  22. Jenny,
    Wow! I have just found your blog within the last week and have enjoyed reading it every evening, starting from your beginning posts!

    Names…one of my favorite topics…..I am an Eve and love it! We named our daughter Elise Kathleen(but often call her Leecy) I have learned that I really gravitate toward E names….Everett, Emory, Elliot, Emme, Emma, Evan, Ellis, Emma, Eleanor, Eva, (and Ava) etc :) I do LOVE Evelyn also.
    Meredith, Jane, and Caroline will always be favs for me, too and would be pretty with some of the other names on your list.
    I'm sure you'll love whatever you decide…can't wait to see!

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