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Lacquer Boxes


About a year ago, I was super inspired by this image of lacquer boxes in bold colors with sharp black borders.

The price tag was in the hundreds for these boxes though (I think from Vivre or Plantation Home?), so I went the DIY route with some basic wood pieces from IKEA.

I gave them all of the boxes two coats of turquoise craft paint.

Then I taped off the edges and painted in the black borders.

Then I spray painted everything with lacquer (though, if I was doing it now I would use my favorite Wipe-On Poly in gloss).

I don’t think I’m tricking any visitors into thinking that I spent hundreds of dollars on these boxes in my office, but I like them!

What did you think?
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60 thoughts on “Lacquer Boxes

  1. I get the feeling that the dropcloth is a permanent fixture in your yard.

    I keep swearing that as soon as I graduate from apartment living and have a yard or basement of my own I will be just the same.

    The husband rolls his eyes.

  2. I love this idea, I was going to do something almost like this. Now I think I need to do it more like yours, I love them!

    One question, did the boxes come with the silver label holders on them already? If not, how did you attach them?


  3. Love this Jenny. It's totally a project I was also thinking of doing. I adore those orange boxes from Plantation, but with that price tag a big no way for me as well.

    Love have yours came out. I will be going the same route as well!

  4. This is such a great idea…and on a budget too! I've got some great boxes from a thrift store that have never looked quite right. I'm going to try this out! Thanks for the great idea :o)

  5. I'm so glad you posted this because I was eyeing them in your office makeover post. I actually DID think they were those original lacquer boxes and am excited to hear they were DIY. I should have known better!

  6. These look awesome!

    I was thinking about buying colored hanging file boxes, but you've inspired me to do it myself! Now I just have to find the boxes…

  7. Beautiful. I looked at those boxes and thought, I wish I could find something like that… Love that your diy's seem so doable. Thanks as always–you are such a snazzy lady!

  8. discovered your blog last night via say yes to hoboken–and I am absolutely in love! so many great ideas. thanks for sharing your brilliance–my four-year-old is currently standing at my knee asking if we can make pelmets for her windows like the ones you made for your girls. love the inspiration!!

  9. I want to know who would want to pay hundreds of dollars for boxes (really? they're just boxes for crying out loud!) in the first place? I'd smack the first kid who came along and slammed the lid down! Anyway, love your ideas and I've turned several people onto your blog since being introduced to it myself a couple of weeks ago.

  10. these are great! very clever. i love the labels you made for the label holders – what font is that?

  11. I bought several of these IKEA boxes intending to mod podge them with some great gift wrap I have, but still haven't gotten around to it. That said, I think I like your idea better!

  12. You are a*maz*ing!!! Wow!!!!
    Could you answer a few questions for me, please?
    1. What are the boxes made of?
    2. What are the paint color names and brands that you used?
    3. What is that fabulous font you used & where did you get it?
    4. Did the label holders come on the boxes and if not where did they come from and how did you attach them?
    Can you tell that I absolutely adore this project & want to copy it exactly?

  13. I forgot to add that I'm starting on your pelmet project tomorrow!!!

    Thanks again, so much, for all of the great ideas and for the BEST blog out there!

  14. I am a lacquer addict! Love these! Last year I got several sets of red and navy lacquer boxes from Crate and Barrel on sale after Christmas. Maybe I will try making these!

  15. Hi guys!

    Thanks for all the kind comments here!

    The IKEA boxes are all made out of unfinished wood. I didn't see a link to them on the website, but I saw the boxes last time I was in IKEA.

    They came with the metal label holders. I had to paint around them since I couldn't get them off the boxes!

    The font I used for the label is called Ecolier. It's a favorite for sure. I think I got it at dafont or one of those other free font sites.

    I wish I knew the exact paint color I used for the boxes, but the details are unfortunately a little fuzzy since I did this project over a year ago. I know I used acrylic craft paint and I think the name might have been 'Caribbean' something or another. And I think I cut it 50% with white craft paint.

    Hope that helps!!

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