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Painting Rugs

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We currently have PB’s Collette rug (wool) under the dining table, but I’ve been planning to replace it for sometime with something a little more durable/stain resistant.

I scored a great 8×10 Ballard seagrass rug for $90 (including shipping!) thanks to this post from Copy Cat Chic. So that will probably be going in the DR since I love seagrass and I think it holds up really well in dining rooms.

BUT before I bought the seagrass, I had stumbled across this post from a google search on “painting rugs.”

The blog author used a very cheap (like $12) 9×6 outdoor rug, taped off a simple design and rolled on some paint.

I think the blue she chose is cute for the outdoors, but for a dining room, I would stick with black or white on the taupey gray rug base.

I think the possibilities here are pretty awesome: stripes! zigzags! Greek key! Trellis! Let your imagination run wild. Maybe try an over sized stencil from Whitewall & Co.?

And just in case it’s bugging you a little (like me) that the edges aren’t finished, you’ll be happy to know that most flooring stores will bind carpet for less than $2 per linear foot. For a little more, you can get thick twill tape, like they use on natural fiber rugs.

I’m sad that I don’t need to use this idea. Someone in need of a cheap, stylish and kid-proof dining room rug, please get creative and show me what you can come up with!!

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20 thoughts on “Painting Rugs

  1. oh my gosh, i am dying to try a zig zag pattern on our current seagrass in the DR…i am just not sure how great i will be with creating the stencil….maybe i should just do it and hope for the best. it was great chatting w/ you last night- you got my wheels spinning and i hopped out of bed this AM w/ all kinds of ideas in my head…thanks for everything :)

  2. Yes, this post is for me!!! i have a rather worn and tired golden tone dining room rug that i've been dying to paint, but am scared!! i've been looking at different stencils, but not sure how it will turn out! anyone know if you can only paint on sisals and what type of paint should you use??

  3. I'm pretty sure you can use acrylic paint on your sisal – you may want to follow up with a polyurethane spray.

    And by the way – forget my dining room!! I'm going to try this for an outdoor rug on my (covered) patio! Since we live in Texas, we use it quite a bit – almost year round.

  4. I just bought a 9×12 pottery barn sisal rug at a thrift store but it's bound in a red plaid. I was wondrering if I could use a fabric spray paint like you did on the x benches in your daughters' room. Do you think it would work?

  5. I REALLy love that idea! I think you could do some really great things with a stencil too!

    I currently have no rugs! So I have nothing to paint. I'll definitely be keeping this idea on my craft bank though!


  6. That's a great idea! Hmmm…I don't have a seagrass rug but I am pretty sure I could find a place for it. Only concern is that while it may be kid-friendly, it's not cat (with claws!) friendly.

  7. So this has nothing to do with the rug post….but I have yet to see any kids toys around the house. Where and how do you keep them tidy? Would love to see pictures!

  8. i like the price of the outdoor rug! is it soft enough to walk across? i ask bc i could use its durability in my very pet-friendly bedroom.

    also, i've considered sisel rugs before, but they always seem rough to the touch. do they make softer ones, again i'm thinking about my bedroom (my yorkie has soft feet lol)?

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  10. Do you think that this would work on a rug with a pile? I would like to do this for my living room rug. I also have little ones to consider.

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