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I’m thrilled to announce that my newest sponsor is the very popular etsy seller, Plum Cushion!!

The owner of the Plum Cushion shop, Melanie, is as kind and as talented as they come! I cyber-met Melanie when contacting her about making some KWID Imperial Trellis pillows in the charcoal colorway for a client. Even though she didn’t have a listing for that specific colorway in her etsy shop, she was more than happy to make it happen.

I asked Melanie about her background for this post. Don’t you just love learning the story behind the genius?

“I formally learned to sew in college, I was a Family and Consumer Sciences major, but I remember sewing Barbie clothes out of silky nightgowns when I was 5 or 6. After college I taught for four years then decided to go back to school for interior design. I’ve been in the industry for almost five years now. I have a major obsession with high-end textiles. Because of my appreciation for their quality and beauty I’m incredibly persnickety about the construction of my products.”

I think it’s awesome that she would sew her own Barbie clothes as a child! Not surprisingly, I was obsessed with arranging and rearranging my Barbie’s furniture…

Check out some of the fabulousness at Plum Cushion:

Prices start out around $75, which is amazing considering she uses only the best designer fabrics available and includes down inserts with your purchase! With the holidays just around the corner, now would be a good time to order a pair of gorgeous cushions for your best friend, sister, mother (or yourself!!).

And speaking of the holidays, I’m completely loving her Christmas stockings! Such a creative idea!!

Please show Plum Cushion a little love and pop on over to the shop…

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32 thoughts on “Plum Cushion

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pillows!! I've been trying to figure out something fun and unique for my living room and I think some of these fit the bill!

    Thank you!

  2. I love the pillows and the stockings are to die for. I am going to be checking out her etsy shop. Thanks for steering me there.

  3. I used to sew my own barbie clothes too! Somehow I think her's were waaaaaayy better than mine! :)

  4. Hey Anonymous douche bag:

    I hope you came back to see that Jenny deleted your comment from earlier. And rightly so. Good for her for getting rid of some of the negativity in blogland!

    I can't believe you would write something so rude to someone as sweet and hardworking (AND VERY PREGNANT) as she is. Just because she's not posting every single day (just more like every other day) about some incredible, almost free design project doesn't mean that she's sold out. I mean did you SEE her office project last week??

    Give the sister a BRIZ-EAK! God!!

  5. I love these pillows! (I am personally a greedy pillow girl) I'm sure having just one of these pillows in a room can transform it or bring it that extra mile. So pretty :o)

  6. The pillows are lovely… and you're right, the prices are excellent especially considering she includes the insert. I mean I'm sure we all know that a Pottery Barn COVER will cost you $40 atleast.. not including the insert.. and I too LOVE the stockings.. such a clever and stylish idea!

  7. So funny! I blogged about Melanie last Friday AND she will be making some pillows for me in the near future!!! I can't even wait to get them… what an awesome etsy shop. Man, I need to learn how to sew. :)


    ps. like the phrase goes, "mean people suck." sorry, that bitchy anonymous reader made another appearance.

  8. The stockings are just the idea I've been looking for. I love the decor-friendly hues and the combo of patterns. Great fabrics! Thanks for the great referral.

  9. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and what you create for your house. You are incredibly talented and very inspiring. Please do not let negative people discourage you!

  10. Thanks for your blog. I am flabbergasted that some anonymous idiot would write something negative on this site! I enjoy this site so much and look forward to your posts very much. Keep it up!


  11. I have some knock-off trellis fabric (I know, shame on me… but it was for such a good price… $11yd!!!) and have been waiting to do something with it… trellis stockings… DARLING!!


  12. Gorgeous pillows, I love expensive fabrics, well I guess expensive everything. Of course I own a lot of my own favorite works of art!

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