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Adorable Aqua and Red Nursery

Why Don't You

I have been so drawn to aqua and red color combos lately (here and here). So of course, I loved seeing this adorable nursery Cara emailed me about. She wanted to share her fantastic results with my pelmet box tutorial:

The fabric is Alexander Henry’s Country Cross Stitch (available at JoAnn’s and at Purl SoHo). The red trim is 1/4″ bias tape.

The wall color is Baby Bird by Porter Paints.

The crib (and not pictured dresser) are from Wal-Mart’s Baby Mod line, which I’ve used in other client’s projects before. I love the furniture line and so does Cara.
Cara found the adorable vintage chair for $10. It was in pretty bad shape when she bought it!

She had it reupholstered in Fabricut’s Bonomi Chevron in Sky.

Doesn’t it look comfy and perfect for a nursery?

The two pieces of art on the wall are from Etsy sellers. The Stay Calm poster is by sfgirlbybay and ASL poster is from TwoSarahs.

The toddler bed was a $30 resale shop find. Cara sewed the adorable pillow and quilt on the bed.

The white bookshelf is from Target (here’s a similar one). Cara hodge-podged some Martha Stewart paper on the inside back to give it some color.

And check out this mini quilt! Isn’t it adorable? Apparently there are plans to make a whole wall’s worth of different mini-quilts! WOW!

Great job, Cara! And thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

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35 thoughts on “Adorable Aqua and Red Nursery

  1. Wow, what a great nursery! Love how it is not too "babyish"!! And I've really been digging the red and aqua combo too…in this case it could work for a boy or a girl. Gosh, I wish I could sew…look at all the amazing things you can do if you can. That chair looks amazing in the new blue and white chevron fabric!!! Thanks to both of you for sharing this space with us:)

  2. I think you mean "MODGE podge"….
    but hodge podged is sort of cute instead.

    Are we going to get to see a nursery for your impending babe?

  3. We are currently shopping for our second home (baby #4 will push us to our limits here) and this blog is killing me! I cannot wait to get a brand new blank slate and make it my (our) own.
    Awesome nursery. My 3-year old will be bunking with the baby so I love to see rooms that suit the baby as well as the toddler.

  4. Dang! I am bummed that chair was a vintage find. I was hoping it was something I could score myself. It's adorable. Love the entire room!

  5. i love the room from me? a mom?!! i follow her on flickr and she is so inspiring. you did such a wonderful post on her sweet bedroom! your blog looks fun, i'll be back! :)

    *p.s. i love your little comment disclosure! i had to do that on my blog once….made me giggle. hehe :) BE NICE PEOPLE!!!

  6. Go Cara, go!
    Cara is so talented and her shared daughters room is only one example of her total awesomeness.
    Soooooo proud of you, girl!

  7. I love, love your blog! I just bought the Stay Calm and Carry On poster. The edgeless frame is perfect for this poster; where can I purchase a similar frame?

  8. Long time lurker, speaking up!

    I just moved into a new house and am doing my 8 year old's room in aqua and red. I'm having a really hard time finding a wall color that we both like. I've never heard of porter paints, but I'll have to check this color out. Hopefully there is a distributor in Denver!
    Also, I love the Keep Calm poster, but have you seen the one on etsy that says "Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake." It has a cupcake on top instead of a crown!

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  10. Hi there! I love the color of the walls! I'm just wondering what color is that? My wife and I just bought our dream house in MA. Insulation for our new nursery is on top of our list coz' she's expecting to give birth in four months and hopefully, before we move in we can find quality insulation, MA area. I never knew that moving in is this stressful yet exciting.

    By the way, thanks for sharing this inspiring entry. My wife would love that dresser too.

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