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Channel Back Chair…


This vintage channel back chair was my favorite price (F-R-E-E) at the furniture auction last week.

It is really well built and has the softest down cushion imaginable, which my very pregnant body appreciated after a long day at the auctions.

The fabric is in bad shape though, so new upholstery is in the chair’s not-so-distant future. Trouble is I can’t decide whether or not to ditch the channel design. Would you believe that I couldn’t find a single channel back chair in my design files? Obviously this style is not super en vogue, but can it still be considered chic?

Either way, I want the new vibe of the chair to be modern and spunky. I’m hoping for something as cool as this red-trimmed striped number from Erinn Valencich.

What say you? Rock the channel or go for a straight back?

What did you think?
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  1. It seems to me that it would depend quite a bit on the fabric that you choose. A large pattern would look best without but something more simple would benefit from the extra detail. I think keep it with the channel, you'll be glad you did in the long run.

  2. Rock the channels, sista!!!!

    I have a dressing table chair so similar to this. The channeled back is about 10 inches high and it is on a swivel seat. I LOVE it & have been considering what fabric to get for my little jewel. (Right now it is covered in a patterned rose-pink chenille. I will anxiously await your changes for the chair you found. I know it will be great!
    Pat B.

  3. I would keep the channel back and accentuate it with a slightly shiny fabric, something in a silk mix or a polished cotton, to give it a very 40's Hollywood glamour.

  4. I guess I'm the oddball here….I prefer the pic you posted without the channels. Definitely an easier project. Anticipating the final masterpiece! Good Luck!

  5. Keep the channel. It'll be a nice textural feel even with a solid fabric, or add to any pattern you choose (I think big and splashy would be fun.)

  6. Amazingly I found almost the exact same chair at a yard sale this weekend. She wanted $40 for it-I do not know how to reupholster and got too scared of the idea of taking the project on. I LOVE your blog! I love estate/yard sales and love to visualize new ideas for previously loved furniture/accessories. I'm planning on painting a darling table I picked up for $10 a while back a teal color-plan on taking my shoe in to Lowe's for them to match the color this week! Maybe I'll send you a picture.

    Becky in Florida

  7. Keep the channels, they really aren't that hard to upholster (I've done it on one inherited from my grandmother). I would suggest using a stripe or a print for the back and possibly the sides of the chair and using a coordinating solid for the front, including the channels. It's a beautiful chair.

  8. Love,love,love, the chair and the channels!!! I like the feminine graceful back and the more masculine tacks all in one great chair….I think a fabric wth some sheen would be the ticket….love the baby bump. jw

  9. you can't specify what people say silly girl; was going to just say ditch the channels, but your little editorial advisement is annoying.

  10. keep the channels but be careful that they do not bulk it up too much and lose the softness of the chair.

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  12. Since i am getting ready to have my grandfather's channel-backed chair recover I have been checking and rechecking your site to see what you decided on. My chair is very similar except I have wood trim on the back and arms. Update please :)

  13. I'm sitting here with a channel back chair behind me that I also got for free! I love this chair and wanted to reuphoulster it myself but decided that it was WAY out of my skill level with the channels. I'm keeping them though, such character! I'm in the process of looking for a cool graphic print but will be paying someone to do this for me. Can't wait to see yours when finished!

  14. I do hope you kept the channels. I now have 3, 2 free and one purchased at Salvation Army I think for under $20–it was on a half price sale. I really want to slipcover or reupholster all 3 to match.

  15. I vote to keep the channel back. I have one and would like another. I recently had it reupholstered in an off white heavy textured material. It is gorgeous and so very comfortable. Even the men love to sit in it

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